June 1, 2023

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Index – Foreign Countries – Russia’s War in Ukraine – Index’s Tuesday News Brief

Vladimir Putin said that any attempt to destroy Russia is completely useless and stupid.

Any attempt to destroy our culture, to destroy Russia, is completely useless and stupid. Anyone who thinks otherwise has not learned the lesson of history properly

– announced by the President at the Dravida Art Forum.

According to the Russian President, he writes that the younger generation who can dream and work will carry forward the traditions of Russian culture and ensure its continuity for future generations. Toss. Despite the fact that the participants of the festival represent different cultures and different fields of art, they have common values: faith in justice, love of the motherland, self-improvement and helping people here, Vladimir Putin explained.

These skills, these characteristics of our nation, make our people invincible and our culture great.

he added.

According to him, the history of Russia taught that the strength of the people lies in unity.

This year, the festival’s limited group consists of young people from the liberated Donetsk and Luhansk regions. You are here together today, ready to sacrifice for a common goal, and you know that together you are stronger. This is what the history of Russia teaches us

– The President explained.

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