September 29, 2023

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Index – FOMO – Dér Heni: Although we were bombed twenty kilometers away, I did not break it

Being a child in Serbia in the 90s was not easy, born in 1986 in Csantaver. Der Hennie However, he is one of the lucky ones South Slavic The war did not shock him for the rest of his life because of the care and sacrifice of his family.

What is happening now With the Russian-Ukrainian conflict Because of her childhood memories and the stories of her parents, she can identify herself as she grew up in a similar life situation.

I was emotionally attached as I grew up in the South Slavic War. I never talked about why he was not affected so deeply. Being a minority Hungarian, my father did not see the point in engaging in a meaningless war, so he hid with my grandparents. My mom and I were able to raise us in the middle of a war with my brother so we would not notice their fear, their sadness or when they panic. We only filter out what we left as kids. That is why I am so grateful. Even though they were bombed twenty miles away from us, I did not become a broken, bitter little child.

Said Porsnak Singer.

The first child of Der Heine He was born in May last year and, as a parent, wants to protect his boy as much as possible from current events because he appreciates his parents for raising him this way. Although his father was strict with him many times …

“She wanted boys, and if she already had daughters who could not give her last name, she thought my sister should be a lawyer or a doctor. That is where my compulsion to comply began. He didn’t really want to endure singing. He allowed me to deal with it, but instead he expected me to do better in school, ”he said of his mother’s father, who is now a good grandfather.

My father became a handsome grandfather on the bread of worshiping his grandson. He does everything contrary to what He has done for us, and I find no trace of harshness. It makes me a little angry because I have everything my baby needs.

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(Cover: Deni Henny. Photo: Babajic Peter / Index)