May 22, 2022

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Index – Economy – Tungsram problem, production halt

Jörg Bauer, the company’s chairman and CEO, said the company was preparing for a partial plant closure in April as it did not perform as planned in the first quarter of this year, “inventory available to meet customer needs and restructure its capacity.”

Therefore, the affected workers will be given leave for a week from Monday until the strike and the LED section of the Nagikanisa plant until April 22nd. Zala County News Portal.

This is the leader of Tungsram IndexHe was recently interviewed and said that epidemics, global distribution problems and the war in Ukraine presented an insurmountable task for the group, and that only immediate government assistance would allow the survival of a historic Hungarian brand that contributes and builds a knowledge-based community. Innovative value.

He stressed that after the acquisition of GE in 2018, the crisis in the Tungsram case came at a crucial moment when the company was young in its own life and began to replace its old businesses with new ones. However, the President-CEO pointed out that this work could not be done if there was a continuous struggle for survival. About the recent change in the Tungsram brand, In this article We wrote.

To illustrate Tungsram’s example: The price of traditional light bulbs has increased by sixty percent over the past year as a result of rising energy prices. It is very difficult to offer this price increase to customers who find it cheaper to buy cheap Chinese LED lights

Jorge Boyer told the Index that the company suffered losses in 2020 and 2021. The head of the Tungsram company also said what government action would help their plight. One is the state and municipal commissions, various energy efficiency schemes, all of which benefit only from low consumption and high quality lighting. Another option is a government subsidy or capital injection, he explained.

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Jorge Boyer noted that the crisis was not just about Tungsram. According to him, both the European and Hungarian industries need urgent EU and government assistance to survive. At the European level, one of the proposed solutions is the introduction of energy reduction programs that will reduce the EU’s dependence on imported gas and oil. The other plan is to provide more support for recycling, which will reduce China’s dependence on the market.

(Cover photo: Production line at the Tungsram Group’s light source factory on V 7ci t on January 7, 2019. Photo: Noémi Bruzák / MTI)