June 6, 2023

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Index – Economy – Romania is in big trouble, gas is very expensive

Already in November, Roman gas demand was higher than a year earlier. The Russians are taking advantage of Cosprom because the country is completely vulnerable. The price of gas from Russia to Romania has quadrupled in a year.

Last September, Gosprom asked for $ 150 per 1,000 cubic meters of gas from Romania, up from 612 in October this year. That means prices have tripled since March (then $ 204).

From the coverage of mszol.ro.It turns out: The real price hike started at the end of the summer. Gasprom rose to 214 in August and 325 in September. There was a real price explosion in October, and now Russian gas is paying $ 612 per 1,000 cubic meters. That means prices have risen 88 percent in a single month.

In Romania

The volume of imports increased in line with the rise in prices.

According to Gazprom, Romania sold as much gas as it did in late November 2020. Among the reasons, two factors are mentioned: on the one hand, domestic consumption in the first nine months was 3 percent higher than the 2020 level; On the other hand, OMV Petroleum produced 10 percent less gas this year than in 2020.

Experts point out that Romania is completely vulnerable to Russia, which severely worsens its bargaining position.

(Cover image: Vitaly Nevardos / Getty Images)

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