July 5, 2022

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Index – Economy – Northrop Krumman tests new B-21 bomb

RussianHe wrote that the US war and rising geopolitical tensions were leading the U.S. defense establishment. The Investor business daily.

Out of 197 sectors, Investor’s Business Daily ranks 28th in the aerospace and defense sectors. Hexel ranks 98th in the most outstanding position in the group. The company supplies supplies to the Department of Defense. In the same list, Northrop Krumman and Lockheed Martin are ranked 88th and Radeon Technologies 81st.

From an investment standpoint, Lockheed Martin and Radeon Technologies are waiting to support the moving average to reach the buying signal, as Northrop Krumman’s chart has already pointed out.

Development of the AB-21 bombing

Northrop Krumman builds tactical and defense systems for all battlefields (air, land, sea, space and cyberspace). The company currently has customers in 25 countries. In addition to the United States, the company is located in Australia, Europe, Japan, the Middle East and South Korea.

Northrop Krumman makes the first BBomber 21, the US Air Force plans to launch its first test flight in 2023. Last month, the company successfully completed its first BThe first – and most important – load calibration test of a 21-piece aircraft (a limited bomb). This is one of the three milestones a plane must cross in the ground test phase before its first flight.

Like other military stocks, with the exception of Lockheed Martin and Radeon Technologies, Northrop Krumman does not have a growth rate of growth stocks. Compared to the situation a year ago aIn the first quarter z Revenue fell 7 percent and sales fell 5 percent.

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As everyone knows, Russia attacked Ukraine in February, and it increased The need for weapons. As a result, Northrop Krumman’s share price peaked soon after, followed by Lockheed Martin and Radeon Technologies. After that, the price of all of them stagnated, but in all three stocks, Northrop Krumman showed the most strength and resilience.

Northrop Krumman entered the reception area

Radeon Technologies and Lockheed Martin have been battling the ten-week moving average, while Northrop Krumman has outperformed the ten-week moving average, generating a buy signal at $ 477.36 thanks to its well-designed file format.

Northrop Krumman’s turnover was higher than average on Friday, resulting in a 3 percent increase, but lower returns to the daily levels seen during the downward movements of the previous day. On the other hand, it is positive On June 2nd Northrop Krumman’s share price broke and closed above the 50 – day moving average.

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