December 9, 2022

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Index – Economy – Home search, extortion: Energy crisis in the shadow of war in Ukraine

Europe has been since last year Struggling with gas shortagesCosprom Reduced Russian state-owned Gosprom’s role in gas supply, war tensions and sharp rise in gas prices in Europe. That was in the days of EU officials The test was conducted at home In the German offices of Gazprom PJSC, aimed at finding the share of Russian gas companies record-high gas prices, this is a significant process. In addition to the Hungarian cabinet, the German government Although it was a highly diplomatic body, it did everything it could to ensure that Russian gas supplies were not subject to sanctions against Moscow.

Gazprom is said to have carried out Bloomberg tests on Gazprom Germania GmbH and Wingas GmbH as Europe stepped up its investigation into whether Gazprom caused gas prices to rise or whether the Russian gas company had increased the region.

Coincidentally, the investigation into the union began even before Putin ordered an aggressive attack on Ukraine.

Gazprom’s extraordinary behavior in restricting gas supplies has raised suspicions among EU politicians that the Russian state-owned company wants to put pressure on EU decision-makers, making Nord Stream 2 the new company to cross the Ukraine. Gas pipe connection Recognized by the European Union. The suspension of the licensing process is part of a series of sanctions against Russia.

Gazprom finally announced on Friday its withdrawal from Germany over a dispute between Russia and the German side, with Moscow insisting that tariffs on Russian gas be converted from euros to rubles.

Russia’s position is that there is no reason for the rise in gas prices in Europe.

Gazprom also said in a statement that it fully complies with customer requests confirmed by European applications.

EU policy accuses North Stream 2 of suspending the licensing process for the gas pipeline – at least according to the Russian government and President Putin.

Gazprom, while serving EU investigators, had to be ready by the end of March for what Vladimir Putin had instructed him to do. You can only accept in rubles Payments for gas supply.

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Cosprom is inevitable

Gazprom is also the world’s largest natural gas company: owning 93 percent of its production in Russia, with the largest reserves and the world’s longest pipeline network.

A quarter of the natural gas entering the EU is supplied by Gazprom, and the gas supply to a significant portion of the EU countries is largely or completely dependent on a Russian company, namely Russia.

Hungary is one of the most exposed countries, but Germany’s energy supply is also affected by the intense economic ties caused by the Russo-Ukrainian war. Russia has been allowed out of the Russian occupation of eastern Ukraine, but oil and gas supplies have not been affected.

Incidentally, Gazprom supplies 175 billion cubic meters of natural gas to the entire European continent. The most important energy target of the European Union is Russian gas – Russia Pro dismissal, Diversification, and you want to solve this by getting natural gas from as many places as possible. It is also the EU’s intention to purchase natural gas on its own, making it possible to obtain a favorable market price for large quantities, similar to the corona virus vaccine.

But the return to specific Russo-German economic relations in the shadow of the Ukrainian-Russian war, and the reactions of other EU member states and the United States, are critical of the German-Russian gas pipeline’s direct exclusion of Russia from Germany: this is a very simple explanation for a US, driven only by economic interests. It wants to capture the market for liquefied petroleum gas – and EU member states fear that the arrival of Russian gas in the German-Russian private pipeline will push energy higher.

Obviously, this is a good reason why many do not view German-Russian relations well, but rather the security of the energy supply.

Russian sanctions against Ukraine included a winter gas pipeline closure. With the construction of the new German-Russian gas pipeline, Putin will be able to attack two birds with one stone: a gas pipeline crossing Ukraine, which could significantly reduce the importance of the pipeline due to the North Stream 2. If the licensing process is successful, it will allow Germany to become a hub for European gas distribution, and German companies will be able to reap a lot of resale from Russian gas, meaning that Germany will lose one of Ukraine’s major sources of revenue. People killed by the Russian army in the war of aggression with the Russian army are taking him from Ukraine.


Gerhard Schrder, German Chancellor from 1998 to 2005, played a key role in the German-Russian gas business, and found a well-paying job at Gasprom a few months after his defeat in the confidence vote in late 2005. In Western Europe, politicians and businessmen resigned from their positions one after another in Russian companies, said its chairman of the Stakeholders Group.

But even He is still a member of Schrder He is also a member of the board of the Russian state oil company Rosneft, holds a senior position in the North Stream, and has been nominated to Casprom’s Russian Gas Supplier Group. This may have been raised not only as a matter of ethics but also as a matter of law: one of the last steps during his presidency in Germany was to bring together the German companies needed to pay the debt tax required for the Nord Stream and to provide government guarantees. Company management.

Schrder, who had good relations with Putin, was the first German politician to gain independent Russian rule. Schreiderasia:

Following the outbreak of the Russian war against the Ukrainians, Schrder has been widely criticized by politicians in his party, the SPD, with the exception of Angela Merkel. Schrder denounced Russia’s occupation of Ukraine as a result of pressure on him, saying both sides had made mistakes in comparing responsibility for the war. Schrder is increasingly pregnant with the SPD – and the German political elite – because of its close relationship with the Russian government.

More and more German Social Democrats are urging party leaders to take decisive action against the former president. “The stupidity of Gerhard Schrder’s own ego, the victims in Ukraine and his irresponsibility towards his own party are intolerable,” SPD politician Gesine Schwan told reporters. Others within expect strong action from the party leadership.

Meanwhile, Gazprom fully meets all declared gas supply requirements of overseas consumers

– At least in such announcements, Gosprom seeks to reassure its business partners. Fact: The Russians tend to keep their written contracts. The Russian-Ukrainian war or the brutal sanctions against Russia are not enough reason for the Russian company to disobey. But Gazprom, as noted, can only accept payments in rubles for the supply of natural gas on the orders of Vladimir Putin, and only a few days to implement the amendments to the contract to pay in rubles. In addition, it was necessary to create a transparent and understandable system for technical and logistics processing.

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(Cover image: Receiver station for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline on February 2, 2022 near Lubmin, Germany. Photo: Sean Caleb / Getty Images)