June 27, 2022

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Index – Economy – Goodbye, Sequence: A young Hungarian brother and sister build a canteen without a cash register

Research has long shown that when choosing a store, the amount of time you have to stand in line at the checkout and the experience we have while checking out greatly affects us when choosing a store.

That’s why more and more international chains are starting to check out free stores and move on to the so-called. Automatic payment solutions.

Today, one of the pioneers in the dynamic growing industry is the Hungarian startup Teleco, which is currently automating the cash register services of workplace canteens.

The company is run by a young Hungarian brother and sister. Balas Hightaker And Isthwan HeideggerAnd Capor Fasocas And is currently active mainly in France, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Portfolio and Octagon Ventures, in addition to many international angel investors, have added to the company’s வி 1.55.8 million seed capital growth, giving the startup a great opportunity to further expand its services and expand into Western European markets. Announced in a report sent to the Portfolio Index.

The pay is reduced to three seconds

Although there are only a few dozen cashless stores worldwide, the company’s main market in Western Europe has hundreds of canteens using automated payment, and the number is growing rapidly.

In 2019, the Hitech brothers began developing a method of identifying images from their own sources. Using the experience gained from the first trials, they developed their products and exported them to Western European markets. Two dozen locations in France, Switzerland and the UK currently serve innovative canteen guests.

The essence of this method is that the software solution supported by machine learning can identify frequently served meals from the offer and with the attached payment system, handles and minimizes payments for three seconds without human intervention.

After discovering product development and host markets, a For faster expansion The founders decided to raise capital.

The € 1.5 million seed portfolio is led by a portfolio that is part of the OTP Group, but includes Oktogon Ventures, Gyula Fehér and Veronika Pistyur, Angels’ Tresorit and Bitrise’s Angel Investor, Márton Szőke, and more than 50 Charles Chauhr. Schreiber with a portfolio.

(Cover image: Chris Gutney / Bloomberg via Getty Images)