March 28, 2023

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Index – Economy – Gazprom announced: Nord Stream will not restart

Gazprom Announced a few days ago The road will be closed for three days for maintenance. According to the notification, the supply was stopped at four in the morning on Wednesday, August 31.

The break was originally scheduled to last until Saturday morning. The Reuters On Friday, he wrote, supplies will actually resume as the operator of the gas pipeline released data, from which it can be concluded that gas will return on Saturday, albeit at a much lower level than usual.

Then came Gazprom, which announced that supplies would not resume on Saturday.

The Russian company posted on Telegram An announcementIt read: At the Portowaja compressor station – where maintenance was carried out – during work, an oil leak occurred,

As a result the gas turbine cannot be operated safely.

According to Gazprom, employees of Siemens involved in the maintenance of the gas pipeline were also present when the fault was discovered and they confirmed with their signatures that the oil had indeed leaked. They added: Due to the malfunction, the entire gas compressor unit had to be shut down.

Until the equipment is repaired, gas supply to the North Stream gas pipeline will be completely shut down.

They wrote and then released a picture of the oil spill.

Gazprom did not specify how long it would take to fix the fault, they only said that – according to Siemens – these turbines can only be repaired in “special” circumstances.

The Russians had already said they could stop it

Dmitry Peskov was the Russian president’s spokesman before Gazprom’s announcement he said: There is no guarantee that the pipe will not need to be closed again in the future.

They don’t have the necessary technical background, only one turbine works, and it would be nice if they counted on it. It is not Gazprom’s fault that some raw materials are missing. As a result, the reliability of the entire system is compromised

– According to Reuters, the president’s spokesman said that they believe that the sanctions make it difficult to operate the gas pipeline.

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Russia has already shut down the pipeline several times in recent weeks. Russians have generally attributed this to repairs and maintenance, but European politicians believe Russia and Gazprom are weaponizing energy against them for political reasons.

Meanwhile, the head of the European Commission has also announced this They may lower gas prices from Russia in the future. In response, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said: In this case they will stop the export.

(Cover photo: The Nord Stream gas pipeline in Lubmin, Germany on August 30, 2022. Photo: Lizzie Neiser/Reuters)