September 27, 2023

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Index – Economy – At the lowest point in the European car market, another pension increase has been announced

The European car industry is in decline

Although the situation is already worse in 2020, this year In September This is the lowest level in 26 years In the European car market, new car registrations fell 25 percent to 972,723. Meanwhile, newer cars are down 32.7 percent in Italy and 25.7 percent in Germany. But there was a significant decrease in sex Damage It will be able to produce a quarter million fewer cars this year than the previous year.

The reason for all this is a Lack of chips. Due to the epidemic, the demand for electronic devices such as computers, telephones or televisions was higher than usual. The chip behind these devices is generic. As these electronics sold out, demand for chips increased, but demand could not be met, so shortages arose. Numerous semiconductors are also incorporated in modern cars, although chip makers place more emphasis on the consumer electronics business than the automotive industry.

Shortage of goods due to shortage of drivers

Empty shelves and large Characterized by a shortage of materials United Kingdom In October, British Bureau of Statistics (ONS) launches new compilation, Lifestyle Survey According to Between September 22 and October 3, 17 percent of the adults surveyed, or about eight million people, reported failing to access basic foods. During the same period, 15 percent of respondents could not afford fuel. But how did all this happen? Simple: Brexit and Corona virus labor shortage Deficiency: About one lakh drivers are missing from transport companies. Before the outbreak, it was difficult to find a truck driver, but after the restrictions, the situation worsened, with about 14,000 European truck drivers fleeing the UK, only six hundred of them returning.

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Experts According to In the future, a small number of drivers may have a problem at home, with relatively high salaries ranging from seven to eight lakh forints, with some taking up work associated with permanent non-availability.

The price of apartments in the capital continued to rise

In October of this year 148 thousand forints on average They were asked for monthly rent in the capital. Although real estate prices in Budapest rose in late July and early August, the last jump came in September, when attacks at the start of the higher school year caused prices to fall by another half per cent. The price of apartments in Budapest rose 7.9 percent in November, compared to 12 months ago.

In addition to the rental price, the Real estate prices Have jumped brutally in the last decade. In the European Union we saw an average increase of 34 per cent in house prices between the second quarter of 2010 and 2021, while in Hungary we saw an increase of 109 per cent. We are the third country in the European Union to have the highest real estate prices between 2010 and 2021, following Estonia (133 percent) and Luxembourg (111 percent).

Further Brutally more and more expensive From the average income, you need a loan to buy a home It should be stored for almost thirty years To a house in the capital.

Pensions have been raised

The government has raised pensions for the third time this year as inflation continues to rise. Backwards 1.2 percent Pension increase And a one-time pension premium of eighty thousand forints was announced in October.

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In the parliamentary session in December, Prime Minister Victor Orban said that from January 2022, not three, but Raising pensions by five per cent The central bank says inflation will be higher than expected in 2022. András Farkas is a pension expert According to The average pension will increase to HUF 153,290 after an increase of 1.2 percent in November and to 160,960 in January 2022 after a 5 percent increase announced in December. Average pension.

These also took place in October:

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