June 3, 2023

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Index – Economics – Viktor Orban’s Role in the New World Order Selected

“The left is absolutely outraged, really mad, that there is a successful, vibrant, conservative government in central Europe,” Chris Farrell, director of research at the US legal watchdog Judicial Watch, said at an event at the Oeconomus Economic Research Foundation on Wednesday.

Viktor Orbán cherishes the Lone Star State tradition, and Hungary is the Lone Star State of Europe.

Farrell recalled the Hungarian prime minister’s speech at the CPAC conference in Dallas, Texas.

Texas is nicknamed the Lone Star State, a reminder of the state’s struggle for independence from Mexico. The United States has long been an independent republic. Hungary is considered a lone star country that prioritizes national interests over global aspirations, which, according to invited speakers, is rare.

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) begins Thursday in Budapest, where they will try to show unity on economic policy. According to research director Chris Farrell, Viktor Orban has a large following among conservatives in America.

War against sovereign nations

“The left has used the crises of recent years as a weapon against sovereign states,” said Jerzy Kwasniewski, head of the Polish right-wing think tank Ordo Uris.

The EU seeks to weaken nation-states and create a European superstate where important economic and political decisions are made in Brussels.

– said Kwasniewski, who believes it is important to organize a strong resistance against increasing centralization efforts. He noted that some leaders protect international interests, while others fight for the people of their country, such as Viktor Orbán. “Europe needs such leaders now that it can assume this role in the new world order,” he said.

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Daniel Scalia, president of Italy’s Machiavelli Center for Political and Strategic Studies, said the economy should essentially serve the people, a key difference between conservative and liberal economic policies.

Liberals want to serve populist ideologies

Scalia pointed out. John O’Sullivan, president of the Danube Institute in Budapest, had a similar view, and the political agreements and targets imposed by international organizations distort economic activity, making it no longer necessary for the interests of ordinary people.

The gap between the upper caste and the common man is widening

Chris Farrell criticized the economic actions of the Biden administration. According to him, the bank failures of the past few weeks and the lack of agreement to raise the national debt ceiling are increasingly reminiscent of the conditions before the 2008 crisis, while the White House continues to insist that they are the main pillars of the economy. Not in danger.

The gulf between Washington’s elite and ordinary people has never been deeper

Farrell said. He also expressed concern that BRICS countries (Russia, China, South Africa, Brazil and India) are moving away from the US dollar.

Daniele Scalea praised the Hungarian family policy: encouraging births is the economically correct answer to the problems caused by population decline, in contrast to the immigration policy supported by Brussels. According to him, the latter does not help to overcome economic challenges and puts the working class in an even more difficult situation.

(Cover photo: Viktor Orban February 18, 2023. Photo: Peter Babajczyk / Index)

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