June 27, 2022

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Index – Domestic – We have a Wizz Air flight stranded in Ukraine

The airline’s head company is already a Pre-efficacy of corona virus When a new airline is set up in Malta, it rotates 140 percent: the subsidiary, Wizz Air Malta, will begin operating with the Maltese-registered aircraft in October, subject to licensing.

Joseph Varadi, CEO of Wis Air, confirmed in a statement that four planes stranded during the war in Ukraine were still undamaged. We have three planes in Kiev and one in LV.

Let’s take care of them. They may be ventilated again after some maintenance, but we are not yet there to remove them. We are waiting for it to be possible, but we do not want to put it at risk

Commenting on the Porsche environment affecting them, Wis Air CEO Trent F.M. Guest of the day Was the guest. He stressed that the Russo-Ukrainian war had resumed flights for two weeks, but then the flying mood returned. However, due to the war situation the Russian and Ukrainian markets for Wis Air were completely eliminated.

Discount Flight Manager After two tight years, Govt expects air traffic to resume this year. Wis Air is already far ahead of its pre-Corona virus performance and expects even bigger improvements in performance this summer. In a few years, Wizz Air will fly 300 aircraft and in the long run, 500 aircraft, with the latest Airbus models flying with a 7-8 hour flight plan. It currently operates 149 aircraft, mainly Airbus A320s and A321s, with an average age of five years. In the years to come, the company will work on the high-level developments entering the 8-hour aviation market.

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When the corona virus erupted, 3 percent of them flew to Wizz Air in April 2020, returning to 80 percent in August of the same year and then dropping to 10 percent in November, Joseph Varadi said. By the summer of 2021, their flight efficiency will have risen to 100 percent again, so that by the spring of 2022, the airline will already be 140 percent operational compared to the pre-crisis level of the 2019 corona virus.

The epidemic has also changed consumer habits. Prior to this, passengers purchased their tickets an average of 40 days in advance. Now passengers only have 9 days to book in advance, most of them. Wizz Air flies to 54 countries. Measures related to corona virus infection are currently relaxed in most states

– Said the CEO.

At the same time, the CEO of Wizz Air was highly critical of the economic policies of European governments under the Corona virus because national airlines were supported with a lot of public money, while there were no discount flights.

If an airline needs to be put on a ventilator from time to time or placed in the intensive care unit to avoid dying, its business model is unlikely. This was also demonstrated in the Italian Alitalia, which eventually closed and then practically established its incarnation IDA Airways, but the traditional aircraft format was not feasible.

Said Joseph Varadi. Today there are four listed airlines in the world, which are in the category recommended for investment by major international credit rating agencies. One of them is Wizz Air, while none of the traditional airlines are currently offered for investment.

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The New York Stock Exchange is not on time

The CEO said that its presence in the stock market is currently due to the fact that one of the major concentrations of capital in aviation is in London for Europe. As he said, they do not think it is worthwhile to be secondary in the Hungarian stock market because for now they have to go where the money is and do not believe that they will go where they want. Money too. “Because whether it comes or not,” he realized the background of their stock market decisions.

The CEO of Wizz Air said that they have been a well-understood listed company in London for seven years now and it is in their best interests to raise capital for their growth. You do not think this will change in the future. The Trend FM In response to a question, he did not yet consider the timely appearance of Wis Air on the New York Stock Exchange.

In the long run, Joseph Varadi said, air travel should also become greener. Moving from fossil energy to another type of impetus, the aviation industry is expected to reach a stage of growth in the next 10-15 years.

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