March 28, 2023

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Index – Domestic – The result is still a long way off, and even current food prices could increase by 20 percent

Although you have to pay less at the store for small purchases than a month ago, this is the case Official price of eggs, milk, as well as the affordable price of bread – revealed from the ATV Híradó report. Apples are now HUF 100 higher than HUF 299 two months ago on the occasion of shopping by employees. The list also includes two tomatoes, the price of which has increased by HUF 200 per kg.

The cheapest eggs are priced at HUF 799 and HUF 699, but in November they cost almost double. A month ago the shops were asking almost HUF 600 for a liter of milk, only half of which has to be paid now. But brown bread also fell by 200 forints, while the price of 8-egg snail pasta rose by 60 forints, butter by 50 forints and sour cream by 40 forints.

“We have not yet reached the peak of food inflation,” said the Deputy General Secretary of the National Association of Agricultural Producers. András Máhr pointed out that in the case of some goods, prices may increase by an average of 8-10, but even 20 percent per month.

Further growth is expected primarily in meat and meat products, with the purchase price of Hungarian pork tied to the German price, with prices rising by 20 percent in the past.

said to a news station Deputy General Secretary said. He added that if the forint is strong, it will also be felt in stores.

Government has decided

As before index Also, the government has extended the price ceiling for fresh foods, eggs and table potatoes inflammation and effects of rising food prices. The Price stop foods Expanded to include:

  • egg,
  • table potatoes,
  • flour,
  • sunflower oil,
  • pork,
  • chicken meat,
  • 2.8 percent milk and
  • Granulated sugar.
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According to a recent notification by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Govt Till April 30, 2023He extended it Food price freeze. According to Minister Istvan Nagy, inflation caused by the protracted war in Ukraine and sanctions caused by “missteps in Brussels” is needed. To maintain price limits.

According to the announcement, István Nagy explained: In addition to the price range, we must ensure the availability of fixed price products. For this purpose, it has been decided that the traders should sell the average daily quantity of the affected products in 2021. Compliance with this obligation, along with other regulations related to price limits, is verified by the General Consumer Protection Authority, i.e. District and Capital Government Offices, with the involvement of the National Food Chain Safety Office.

(Cover photo: Zsolt Szigetváry / MTI)