September 27, 2023

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Index – Domestic – Rare records of the local Govt Ward: Most patients are not vaccinated

In Hungary the media is only allowed inside the walls of the hospital on very rare occasions – this is especially true. For Govt classes – RDL Hirodoja has now entered the ward of the Greek Catholic Hospital in Kiswarta, where patients with corona virus are being cared for. Here, as in the beginning of the epidemic, the discipline is still high, with everyone wearing double rubber gloves and a mask and glasses when entering.

According to the nurses, it is very exciting when the whole family enters, but it is very difficult to connect with just one acquaintance or one of their co-workers. Unfortunately there was an example before this and one of the employees working in the company went missing and the staff did not find it, the head nurse Cecilia Deek said in a statement.

Ward staff also said that despite the number of vaccinated patients, most of those who go to the hospital are not vaccinated. Incidentally, the condition of patients is constantly changing, it is almost impossible to predict who is recovering and who is not.

We have a patient who has non-invasive ventilation that starts to improve after a week, but one does not respond properly

Citizen Abriha Daniel said.

Incidentally, the company is already feeling the impact of spending Christmas with large family gatherings without restrictions, so the Director General is asking for more caution in the coming days.

“We are afraid that more people will come to us because of New Year’s Eve,” Henrik Heggy pointed out.

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