May 19, 2022

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Index – Domestic – Peter Sizzardo: We are portrayed as Putin’s spy

Hungary does not have a coastline, so it is completely dependent on Russian energy, said Spanish Foreign Minister Peter Sijardo. El Bais . He added that this was the reason why the EU’s Sixth embargo was a major problem for Hungary.

Our refineries are designed for Russian oil. For another refining technology, we would have to invest between EUR 500 and EUR 550 million, and it would take four years to convert. The replacement of the Russian oil pipeline will require an increase in the capacity of the Adriatic pipeline, which will cost 200 200 million.

Peter Cicardo pointed out. As for the Hungarian people, he said, it would increase gas prices in Hungary by 55 percent.

On Monday, we told the head of the European Commission that his proposal was a problem for us. We cannot vote in favor unless a solution is found

The Minister further said. In his opinion, funding for technological change and capacity building at refineries should be paid for by someone. “We have to pay for the process of modernizing the entire energy system to avoid an unaffordable 55 per cent price increase for the population,” the foreign minister said.

No such plan has been put forward so far. The rationale is that the embargo on Russian oil imports will apply to overseas exports. However, pipeline distribution should be exempt

– Said Peter Sizzardo. According to the Foreign Minister, this plan will do us more harm than good. “For us, this is a Hungarian language and not a Russian issue,” he stressed. He then added:

We may be accustomed to whatever we do or say – whether others feel it or not – they are always introduced to us as friends of the Russians and as Putin’s spies.

“We are undoubtedly in favor of Ukraine.”

Péter Szijjártó also spoke about Hungarian-Ukrainian relations. As he said, the relationship between the two countries was not very good before the war, which was explained by the oppression of the Hungarians in Transcarpathia. But, as he said, as soon as the war broke out, “we put all these issues in brackets.”

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“We condemn Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine. We are undoubtedly in favor of Ukraine. We are currently pursuing the largest humanitarian effort in history: we are a country of less than 10 million people, but the number of refugees from Ukraine has reached 700,000, ”he said. “We do not want arms transfers on the Hungarian-Ukrainian border,” he reiterated. As he said, most of the attacks took place on highways and in armories.

In short, they were not happy that they tried to interfere in our election campaign. And provocations like this, we knew about it in advance (War – Ed.) And wanting to occupy a part of their territory is nonsense. Why are we being criticized? Because we do not carry guns

Peter Cicardo thought. As before, he stressed, “we are a Christian nation, so it is obvious that we welcome fugitives from the war.” However, the situation in Syria is completely different, as there are at least seven safe countries between Syria and Hungary.

“No corruption in Hungary”

The Rule of law against Hungary“All these allegations against us are purely political in nature,” said Peter Sizzardo.

Do not intimidate us through this kind of legal process! They could not digest the fact that we are a right-wing, successful and patriotic government. We face the liberal current in many issues

“We have achieved record growth in the economy,” he said.

If there is corruption in a country, record growth cannot be achieved. There is no corruption in Hungary

He insisted. Peter Cicardo noted that the EU could be stronger if it were a member state. “We do not trust the United Nations in Europe, but we do believe in the EU as a member state. The right way is to reach a consensus decision without compromising the interests of any one state,” he said.

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“There is no friendship, there is brotherhood”

Commenting on Polish-Hungarian relations, he said, “We have many more issues to acknowledge.” In his view, the strength of V4 is that where there is consensus and there is not, we work together on issues where “the other’s opinion is respected”.

There is no friendship between Hungary and Poland, there is brotherhood

– Foreign and Trade Minister Peter Sizzardo concludes his interview.

(Cover: Foreign Minister and Foreign Trade Minister Peter Sizzardo will address the full session of the National Assembly on May 9, 2022. Photo: Silard Kostikzak / MTI)