June 6, 2023

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Index – Domestic – Laszlo Szz: Western Europe is ready, it should be built towards Hungary

In an interview with the portfolio, Laszlo Szz made it clear that Danube Asphalt was really interested in the motorway concession tender and would like to participate in some form of winning federation. Given all this,

They already have adequate professional manpower, high-tech equipment, naval facilities, and high-performance asphalt mixing plants.

As is well known, most question marks revolve around the highway offer. Even in the summer the momentum was pointed out according to its reports Cards are already separated, And László Szjj and Danube Asphalt win the tender. No final results yet.

By the way, László Szjj agrees to the offer, this way the processes can be handled better.

A minimum of thirty-year contract is usually required for a private investor to receive funding, to build, maintain, and return the road network to the state in its new state. So the road is laid, upgraded and re-asphalted several times during operation

– He says in an interview, there are concession agreements in Europe for more than thirty years.

According to the company owner of Danube Asphalt it is in the interest of the state as the owner of the road network because it can maintain and improve its road network from the toll booth collected without any involvement in this way. Special Resources.

He compared Hungarian roads to Austrian roads, where seven to eight million tons of asphalt work is done each year on road alignment and construction, while in Hungary only three to four million tons, that is, to achieve at least the standard of Austrian roads. The planned time, based on today’s technical knowledge, is likely to double the amount of asphalt used in the coming years.

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The company wants to expand abroad and further strengthen its presence, primarily in the field of road construction and civil engineering in the surrounding countries. Poland already has a subsidiary and orders are coming in from Iceland, Austria and Sweden, but interesting areas include Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Romania, as well as plans to build roads in Congo and Zambia.

Policy was also discussed, in which László Szjj said that the current representatives of the government formed by Fidesz-KDNP had already stated before 2010 that they wanted to improve the proportion of locally owned companies in the country.

Today, there is no doubt that Hungary has made unprecedented progress in road development over the past ten years. There is no other highway construction project as there is in Hungary today. Western Europe is ready for this, and it must be built here

Said Laszlo Sjj.