June 4, 2023

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Index – Domestic – At the end of the year, we were more Swedish than Swedish

There are currently no strict restrictions in place in Hungary, except that wearing a mask, we can live as before the epidemic. The government has recently based its safety on the vaccine, so many have voluntarily decided to drop the family event for safety in the absence of federal instruction.

Zsolt Boldogkői believes that reducing personal encounters during the holidays will be important from a virological point of view.

Christmas is actually over in 2020, so it’s understandable that families want to make up for last year’s holiday, too, but keep in mind that the virus is still there. Now the situation is better, of course, we already have protection, but unfortunately the vaccine is not omnipotent and we do not have a definitive cure for who will be affected.

The virologist told Professor Index that, except for the elderly and the chronically ill, serious middle-aged citizens often show more severe symptoms. That is why the expert suggests that this year Christmas should be celebrated only with a small family, which is a priority with those of us who live anyway, but it is worth considering meeting online and avoiding the New Year’s Eve party.

“Govit-19 has proven to be very prevalent in homes. That is, if relatives sit at the dining table and only one of them is infected, the others are more likely to catch him. Since digital education or curfew was not introduced in Hungary during the fourth wave, the virus could be on anyone. In recent months, we have become more Swedish than Sweden, ”Boldoxi reminded us. In a Scandinavian country No precautionary measures were deliberately introduced in the hope that the herd’s immunity would develop earlier. They made a mistake.

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Why is there no free trial in Hungary?

According to the expert, if we insist on reuniting a large family, PCR testing should be done as early as possible. Screening can be a good solution, but the problem is that not everyone can afford the low cost test in addition to the Christmas cost. Index is the previous one Government Information That’s why he inquired whether corona virus screening in Hungary, like Austria, is unlikely to become free as the holidays approach. Gergely Gulyás, head of the Prime Minister’s Office, told our question, “As before, no such action is planned because the government considers that many will induce vaccinations through tests.”

Can the fourth wave pull?

It is difficult to predict how long the fourth wave will last, but as in neighboring countries, the number of cases in our country is declining and there are already clear indications that fewer people are being admitted to hospital. It is spreading very fast Omigron variant This can disrupt the process, especially if we have not yet introduced restrictions and the end-of-year holidays move more crowds.

Precautions should be strictly followed, focusing on regular and thorough hand washing, disinfection and frequent ventilation, and avoiding contact with close contacts such as kisses and hugs, the virology professor said.

(Cover: Passersby in Stockholm on December 23, 2020