September 26, 2023

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Index – Culture – Alec Baldwin spoke to the gun master who fired

Jason Bowles, Hannah Guttierez Reid’s attorney, published a statement and writes Variety. Reid was shot in the Rust film, where he was shot by cinematographer Alec Baldwin and cinematographer Halina Hutchins. According to the report

My client wants to respond to the lies in the media and hold him responsible for that tragedy. Security is a priority for Hannah at the shooting locations. He was unaware that sharp ammunition may have entered the shooting. Hannah and the head of the distribution were responsible for the guns and they never saw anyone shoot the sharp ammunition from them. The weapons were locked at night and at lunchtime and were not accessible to team members. Hannah also held two positions in the settlement, where she had to work as a stumbling block, making it very difficult to focus on her job as a gunman. He also started a security explanation, but the production rejected this request. For a variety of reasons, the entire shooting location was dangerous. This case is not Hannah’s fault.

Reid and his team of lawyers will release a detailed report next week.

Like it We wrote, Killed accidentally during the filming of Alec Baldwin’s Western film Rust. The pistol used for the propeller contained sharp ammunition, which wounded the cameraman. The director of the film was also injured in the incident.

Case According to his records Assistant Director Dave Halls took approximately one-third of the pre-made gun on a table by gun master Hannah Guterres and gave it to the actor, signaling that it was safe.

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Just hours before the catastrophic crash, six members of the film crew had already left the filming to protest against serious abuses, security breaches and gunfire at the hands of protagonist Alec Baldwin.

Dave Halls is already one In the previous shoot He did not comply with safety regulations for weapons and pyrotechnic equipment, for which the gunman then complained against him.

Last summer, the gunman, Hannah Gutierrez Reed a The old way Preview of Western filming Without notice He brought guns for the shooting, and the protagonist disagreed with Nicholas Cage because he fired a sharp weapon at him within three days, said a member of the production, Stu Brombaugh. Related GamerTo do.

Tell me before you shoot, you stabbed me out of the ear canal!

Cage told the 24-year-old woman before leaving the set.

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