December 8, 2022

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Index – Belgium – Forrónaci, usánka – This is how the government members marched.

The public expects politicians (especially heads of state) to dress in a certain style; Controlled, clean, professional. Despite this, of course, public affairs leaders sometimes try innovations that don’t always go well. Three lessons in a row.

Everyone knows the clichés of the accepted appearance of public figures: for men, often a suit and tie, sometimes – as a signal of a desire to interact closely with people – Rolled up shirts; And for women No frills, like a uniform Dress is fashionable.

That’s why the 36-year-old Finnish prime minister managed to become a real phenomenon when he recently appeared in a leather jacket and ripped hot pants. At a rock festival. In principle, a photo campaign with Boots would be apt to question his seriousness as Prime Minister en Black, but his youthful charm and lightness More fans Earned him.

Channa Marin is the lucky type.

Principal’s hoodie-cat

German chancellor Olaf Scholz was a little more dragged out, following an almost similar bravado in February: with a remarkably modest, round neck. In a gray sweater He answered questions from reporters on the flight to Washington. His critics immediately denounced him, although the gray color perfectly expressed the nature of his public face, and comfortable clothes were easily justified on a long flight. You, the president, say you can’t be like this, and it’s unbecoming of your position.

The press staff’s investigation was so thorough that they found the specific hoodie model Scholes was wearing. Then came the twist, and the piece in question turned out to be:

  • It’s expensive, so it’s not unnecessary.
  • A product of a Hamburg company, it was therefore a deeply patriotic choice,
  • And it’s almost a decade old, which means the wastefulness and vulgarity are far from its influencers.
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This is how Germany’s first man survived the massive hoodie craze, and ultimately managed to turn his unusual clothing choice to his advantage – further reinforcing his considered and clean-cut leadership image.

A (p) Terrible hat decision

Liz Truss’ style decision in February of this year also went understated. The British Foreign Secretary visited Moscow where, not surprisingly, he was conducting very tense diplomatic negotiations. He wore a fur coat and a fur hat during his outdoor press appearance.

The idea sounded good on paper

  • Usanga is perfect for expressing respect for the Russian people and culture.
  • Also, Margaret Thatcher wore a similar set during her memorable and historic visit to the same venue in 1987.

But in Moscow that day, compared to the conditions there, it was especially hot. The Russian state media needed nothing more: it was very happy about a “prominent Western leader” who had zero understanding of Russia’s conditions and reality.

Great Britain’s current government crisis and the search for a successor to Boris Johnson, who recently resigned, make the story relevant. Most people consider Liz Truss to be mostly heirloom.