June 10, 2023

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Index – Abroad – Worldwide Corona Virus – Index News Summary for Thursday

The European Commission has announced that the Bulgarian government has asked EU member states for help in overcoming the crisis caused by the corona virus infection. Bulgaria has thus implemented the EU civil defense mechanism.

This practice can be put in place in the event of a major disaster or humanitarian emergency so that the Union can help countries not only in Europe but around the world. In addition to EU member states, northern Macedonia, Iceland, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia and Turkey also participate in the civil defense mechanism.

Bulgaria is in the midst of severe epidemics, and hospitals are on the verge of carrying capacity. The seven-day event rate has risen to 415 per 100,000 population. Among EU member states, Bulgaria has the worst vaccine coverage, with only 24 percent of adults fully immunized.

A Baltimore-I Johns Hopkins University As of Thursday morning’s summary, 646,856 people in Bulgaria, with a population of nearly seven million, had been infected and 25,754 had died from complications caused by the Govt-19 disease caused by the corona virus. In the last 28 days, 115,000 people have fallen ill and 3649 have died.

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