September 29, 2023

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Index – Abroad – Worldwide Corona Virus – Code News Summary for Tuesday

The European Union (EU) on Tuesday revised the list of epidemiologically safe countries to remove travel restrictions in the global context of the corona virus outbreak and removed Singapore and Ukraine from the list.

The European Union first released a list of fourteen countries at the end of June 2020, currently including Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Chile, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Qatar, Colombia, Kuwait, Jordan, Namibia and Uruguay. , New Zealand, Peru, Rwanda and Saudi Arabia.

According to the recommendation, EU member states should gradually lift their restrictions on non-essential entry into the country of the listed countries.

Non-essential travel to the EU from unlisted countries is subject to temporary travel restrictions. Nevertheless, member states have the opportunity to lift these temporary restrictions on travelers who have received the full dose of the vaccine.

On the other hand, if something happens, the restrictions on China will be lifted by the union. Subject to mutual confirmation, travel restrictions for special administrative regions such as China, Hong Kong and Macau should also be phased out.

Citizens of Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland can also enter the Union without restriction.

A country with an increasing number of new corona virus infections near or below the EU average is considered safe.

The recommendation of the EU Council is not legally binding. Member State authorities are responsible for implementing the recommendation. While ensuring full transparency, member states can gradually lift travel restrictions for listed countries.


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