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Index – Abroad – We report from Kiev: mood swings, locals are diligent to the end

3/8/2022 20:58

On Tuesday, the 13th day of the Russo-Ukrainian war, we spoke with our colleague Daniel Kiss in Kiev. In the Ukrainian capital, the anti-aircraft siren sounds sometimes, but basically still calm and quiet. Situation report from Ukraine.

Our colleague has been in Ukraine for a week and a half now. His journey was first from Transcarpathia to Lviv – about the conditions in the western Ukrainian city We wrote here – And then a little from there In a chaotic situationBy train Arrived To the capital. There is a huge crowd at the train stations and the view is confusing, but with the help of volunteers the locals keep everything under control.

The train journey to Kiev was quiet and no tension was felt. On the other hand, trains coming from the east are crowded, and many are fleeing the fighting. However, it is said that more people are returning there, including Kharkiv, as it is a bit difficult to cross the Polish border and many are more likely to return.

– Our colleague in Kiev said that the humanitarian corridor, ie civilians, have been targeted by the Russian military in recent days.

Daniel Kiss, known to locals mainly through television and the telegram, reported every little moment of the war to former President Volodymyr Zhelensky. What is the general mood in Ukraine?

Resisting. No frustration, people are constantly pouring out their souls. Everyone opposes the occupying forces, they do not move, they fight for their country.

During the check-in, we talked about other things,

  • What is daily life like in a nuclear bunker
  • What locals do in the capital
  • Whether the shelves in Kiev are empty and the stock shortage is burning,
  • And how the city is preparing for a possible siege.

(Cover image: On March 5, 2022, people will place sandbags in Independence Square in central Kiev. Photo:Serhii Nuzhnenko / Reuters)