September 29, 2023

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Index – Abroad – Ukraine seeks and acquires Elon Musk satellites

Following numerous cyber-attacks on Ukrainian banks and government websites in the past, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Fedorov on Saturday asked Tesla CEO Elon Musk to deliver the StarX satellites launched by SpaceX to Ukraine. Newsweek.

SpaceX has more than 1,700 satellites, some of which are orbiting Ukraine, 21st century technology

It can provide internet access almost all over the world.

The politician also encouraged American billionaires to encourage “intelligent Russians” to stand up against their government.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine may also be aware of the impact that Elon Musk could have on world citizens; The index has repeatedly stated that a sentence or a Twitter post is enough for an American billionaire to gain enough weight. Push it.

One thing is for sure: Musk’s popularity has plummeted recently, so a millionaire might be a good choice for a millionaire: in a few months he will be charged. Animal torture, Trash And And through financial handling.

Elon Musk responded a few hours later to comply with the request, and Starling is now active in Ukraine.

As is well known, this is not the first time a billionaire has lent his satellites; SpaceX was previously following a volcanic eruption near Tonga Helped Satellite Internet must be provided.

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Ukrainian situation in the cube

After Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine on February 24, Elon Musk made the contact after he believed that Russia had no choice but to defend itself against the threat posed by Ukraine and its leadership. The Russian president later said that military action was being taken to militarize and “pity” the neighbor.

Following Putin’s announcement, missile strikes were reported across the country as Russian ground and air forces began to infiltrate Ukraine and its capital, Kiev.

The state of the war also affects telecommunications, and this has happened several times in recent days Cyber ​​attacks Carried out against Ukraine; Government and banking websites – presumably Russian – have been attacked by hackers.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ukrainian Defense Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Defense were closed simultaneously. Meanwhile, a similar situation exists in Russia after the Kremlin was the target of cyber attacks; Several Russian government websites, including the Kremlin and the Ministry of Defense, have been down for three days. CNN.

Large sites are important wars for war in Ukraine.

In recent days, Twitter has suspended ads in Russia and Ukraine, arguing that the ads should not be diverted from public safety information. The Russian government’s media access to Facebook services has been blocked by meta, and YouTube recently blocked ads on Russian Today’s Russian News TV page. The reason why the Russian propaganda machine could not use the most popular social media sites to raise money.

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