August 13, 2022

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Index – Abroad – Two people were killed in a shooting at a gay hotel in Oslo.

The shooting was reported to local police around 1 p.m., and the gunman was arrested within minutes. A total of 10 people were taken to hospital, 3 of whom were critically injured. Another 12 people were rushed to the scene by ambulance, police said.

The Hedgehog The Oslo Police said on its official Twitter page that several shootings had taken place at a gay hotel in the city center. Two were killed and several were injured in what became known as the Cold War.

It was later revealed that the shooting took place at the London Club nightclub and the streets around it.

Eyewitnesses said the nightclub was full of parties and about 10-20 scenes sounded. One of them said he saw a person coming with a briefcase and then found the gun and started firing. Another eyewitness was injured by the pieces of glass, saying at first they did not know what was going on, and then panicked at the nightclub, the BBC writes.

Fourteen people were injured and a report from Oslo University Hospital said 19 people had been injured.

(Cover: Two killed and several wounded in a shooting at a gay hostel in central Oslo, Norway, on June 25, 2022. Photo: Javad Bursa / NTB / Reuters)

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