June 26, 2022

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Index – Abroad – The situation is getting worse with the overgrowth of cats

Thanks to the dog disinfection campaign, stray dogs are less and less common on the streets of the CPU. However, solving the problem came up with something no one expected. This is because after the poaching of dogs, street cats proliferated.

According to animal rights activists, the situation is serious and can only be resolved with the intervention of the authorities.

However, the local government does not give much importance to herds of cats.

But the number of cats is growing fast at some focal points so people don’t have minor headaches. Most people complain that animals are noisy, especially during mating, flooding their environment with feces and unpleasant odors.

Elsewhere, over-production of animals is a problem

Animal growth is a burning issue in Cluj-Napoca, Romania’s second most populous city. The public is trying to control the situation. In Oradea, by 2018, the situation would have been rectified by banning public feeding of stray animals.

The Main square He writes: The CPU does not need such drastic decisions. However, this will enable municipalities to take responsibility and pay for veterinarians who perform voluntary contraception.

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