July 6, 2022

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Index – Abroad – The EU has decided: Buyer is good, Apple is good

The union has decided: From 2024, member states will unite, USB-C type Rechargeable cell phones and headsets, tablets, e-book readers, digital cameras, video game consoles and portable speakers can be sold through the connector regardless of the manufacturer. Two years later, from 2026, laptops will only be available with such a connector.

In a word, customers will need a cable to recharge their mobile devices – so they can decide whether to buy a new cable when buying a new device.

According to Brussels calculations, EU consumers can now save a quarter of a billion euros and hundreds of billions of rupees a year by purchasing unnecessary charging cables.

“We have agreed,” said the EU commissioner for the domestic market.

According to Theory Breton, both EU consumers and our planet are doing better with the deal.

Apple claims that this threatens innovation and competition

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The move is a major blow to the technology company’s refusal to join the union’s 2009 voluntary initiative to reduce the number of chargers on the market.

Most mobile devices are called Apple. Uses lightning connection and considers control unnecessary.

The decision of the European Union was the first in the world, and only after the companies did not agree to a single solution.

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Nonetheless, Apple already uses a USB-C connector on some iPads and laptops – which complicates the lives of users with a LightningOS mobile phone – but insists there is no reason in the EU to make universal charging mandatory for everyone. Mobile Phones.

We are concerned that the strict regulation that requires a single type of connector will be detrimental to consumers in Europe and around the world, rather than encouraging innovation.

Argued Previously Apple.

For more than a decade, we have used dozens of different connectors to charge portable devices.

Strange situation in England

The UK government is not currently considering copying the EU’s plans for a single charging cable – Reported And the BBC.

So an unusual situation arose.

Under the current Brexit agreement, the regulation covers Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom, but does not affect Great Britain, namely England, Wales and Scotland.

Under the agreement, Northern Ireland will be temporarily inside the single EU market for its products, while the rest of the United Kingdom will be outside it.

It is not yet clear whether the so-called Northern Ireland protocol will be reformed.

A spokesman for the British government said the issue was not on the agenda now.

The EU agreement on single charging cable will be submitted to the European Parliament and Council of Ministers after the summer recess and will be announced after formal approval.

This regulation is almost as long as eliminating roaming charges.

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