September 26, 2023

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Index – Abroad – Surprises among socdem members of the new German government

In the new 17-member government, Choctaw (SPD) will be given eight seats, including the presidency. The remaining 9 seats are shared by the coalition parties, the Green Party and the Free Democratic Party (FDP). Olaf Scholes – Descendant President – With one of the promises made a long time ago in mind, how many women will be members of the government equal to the number of men in the cabinet? Future ministers at SPD headquarters in Berlin Provided Leader of the party.

The Karl Lauterbach Ministry of Health will present the award to Dr. Karl Lauterbach, who has been a regular contributor to the German media for the past one and a half years. He thanked his supporters as his appointment was still uncertain for the past few days. He stressed:

We will defeat the plague, however, it will be with us more than many think. The focus will be on vaccination, but also on the modernization of the health care system. “

There are surprises as well

Experts say one of the biggest surprises Nancy Fasser Appointment for the post of Home Minister. He is the leader of the Hessen community, but they are in opposition in the province. With his appointment, he will oversee the entire German internal security system. In his short speech, Pfizer vowed to fight far-right extremists first, as Hessen did in a similar inquiry in parliament.

Many believed that another female politician, the current Minister of Justice, was holding an interior post. Christine Lambrecht But he was appointed Minister of War by Olaf Scholes.

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One of the party’s deputy leaders, the only East German member of the future cabinet, headed the construction ministry. Clara Keywidget Purpose. His ministry is one of the basic conditions for coalition negotiations, and by running it, President Scholes will want to build 400,000 new homes a year, which could solve the problem of a lack of affordable rental housing in the country.

Svenja Schulz, The politician who was appointed head of the Ministry of International Economic Development Cooperation, previously held the Ministry of Environment in the government of Angela Merkel. Hubertus Hale Has a portfolio responsible for labor and social affairs Will be responsible for redesigning the unemployment benefit system. And Chancellor’s House Wolfgang Schmidt Will take you.

What ministries will the coalition parties get?

Green is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Environment, Natural Protection, Consumer Protection and Atomic Energy, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and another new member of government, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. He can also hold the post of Joint Minister of the Left Environment Party, Culture and Media.

The FDP receives the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

The government of New Berlin can take office on Wednesday

At the SPD party congress on Saturday, with 98.8 percent of the delegates supporting it, the coalition agreement was approved by an overwhelming majority. FDP Sunday The decision was made at an extraordinary online conference where delegates approved the document with 92.24 percent support. On Monday, a majority of Greens also voted in favor of the coalition deal. The digital party voting, which began on November 26, ended at 1 p.m. The Coalition Agreement was mainly criticized by the party’s leftists, who said that in many cases, from climate protection to supporting the social integration of asylum seekers, there were not enough coalition partners to fight for decisions.

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The party leadership insisted that the deal was a compromise for all, including the Greens. But no one Agreement Key components?

Under contract GermanThe country will abandon coal-fired power generation by 2030 instead of the originally planned coal-fired power generation in 2038, and increase the share of electricity from renewable sources from the current 45 percent to 80 percent by 2030. One of the first steps of the government

The minimum gross hourly wage has been raised from EUR 9.60 to EUR 12.

The coalition parties estimate that it will improve the situation of ten million workers.

Highlights of housing shortages in metropolitan areas and the lack of affordable rental housing for the low-income segment. According to plans, they are trying to change the rules and state subsidies, so that the number of apartments built per year will increase from the usual 250-290 thousand in recent years to 400 thousand.

At the same time, with a significant expansion of public investment, the coalition parties have committed to what is known as the constitutional debt-break rule, which stipulates that the budget-adjusted budget deficit should not exceed 0.35 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). Among other things, it was agreed to introduce legal and restricted sales of cannabis and to expand harm reduction programs.

In one of the most controversial cases in recent years, in the design of the asylum system, the agreement refers to continuity. At the heart of the efforts are efforts to prevent illegal migration and to streamline processes in an orderly and controlled manner. Thus, the agreement imposes, among other things, the launch of a “return attack” aimed primarily at removing offenders and other vulnerable persons from rejected asylum seekers.

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Final steps

As a final step in forming the government, the coalition agreement will be officially signed in Berlin on Tuesday. Finally, on Wednesday, the Bundestag (Bundestag) will elect SPD’s Olaf Scholz as president, and federal leader Frank-Walter Steinmeier Scholz will appoint government ministers.

(Cover: German Social Democratic Party (SPD) President Olaf Scholes presenting SPD politicians at a press conference on December 6, 2021 at the party headquarters in Berlin. Photo: Markus Schreiber / MTI / AP)