August 10, 2022

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INDEX – Abroad – Something went wrong, he could have negotiated a double whammy instead of Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin may have been replaced by a body double during his trip to Iran this week, a top Ukrainian intelligence official said. New York Post.

The Russian head of state, who has been ill for a long time and is rumored to be suffering from cancer, appeared more alert and mobile than usual when he met Ayatollah Ali Khamenei during his trip to Iran, Ukrainian sources said. the sun with tab.

Major General Kirilo Budanov appeared on one of the Ukrainian TV stations, Putin looking very lively, which has been uncharacteristic of him lately, which is why some suspect that Putin is not the person in the footage.

I point out. But look at the moment Putin steps off the plane. Is it really Putin who quit?

asked the Major General.

Putin’s visit to Iran was the politician’s first international trip since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war on February 24.

US intelligence has indicated that Iran may send hundreds of drones to Russia, including those that can be equipped with weapons. Tehran later denied the report.

In May, an anti-Putin Telegram channel claimed body doubles had been kept on standby to stand in for Putin if needed while the president underwent surgery.

The mysterious Telegram account also claimed to be airing pre-recorded footage of Putin attending meetings and signing laws as if he were working regularly on Russian state television.

On Thursday, CIA Director William Burns noted that Putin was “perfectly healthy,” contradicting earlier U.S. intelligence reports that the Russian leader was in poor health and battling cancer.

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According to the Kremlin, reports that Putin is ill have no basis in fact. Spokesman Dmitry Peskov He said firmlyThat the Russian President is well.

(Cover photo: Vladimir Putin on July 18, 2022. Photo: Sputnik/Pavel Byrkin/Kremlin/Reuters)