September 28, 2023

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Index – Abroad – Slovakia has a big problem: public lights are turned off in protest

In a few days, on January 30, it will be dark for half an hour Slovakia, as local governments turn off public lights – the leaders of the settlements want to put pressure on the government, which they say has yet to do anything to offset rising energy prices. Rural villages also merge into urban municipalities.

The Association of Slovak Towns and Villages has already warned the government to take action on the matter. According to the association’s vice president, Joseph Bosik

The government took 600 million euros from the municipalities, and despite promises, nothing has changed since then.

Apart from local governments, bakeries are also in trouble: If the government does not act, there may be a shortage of bread across the country in the near future. Bakeries, pasta makers and confectioners rack up staggering energy bills. Milan Lapsansky, president of the Association of Slovak Bakers, Confectioners and Flour Producers, said that “advance invoices were received four times more, but some received ten times more invoices than before.” Infostart.

The cost of production has risen sharply

It’s so bad that chain stores are planning to stop packing their baked goods on site because production costs are higher than actual bakeries. Because of this, there could be an incredible shortage of bread and muffins, which could lead to an increase in imports, Lapzansky added.

According to Labsansky, he was entrusted with the temporary leadership of the country For members of the government Perpetuation of power and early elections are paramount, and their salaries are still paid by entrepreneurs and citizens.

If the situation of small and medium-sized enterprises, including bakeries and pasta producers, is not resolved, not only the food supply of the people, but also many jobs in individual regions will be at risk.

– he said.

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Bakery owner Norbert Bonya from Dunaszerdahely said, “No bakery or gastronomy business can swallow such price increases”.

As we wrote, they are struggling with the most severe shortage of medicines in recent years Slovak Pharmacies, many products are almost not available in pharmacies. However, the problem affects not only the raw materials used in the manufacture of drugs but also the packaging.

(Cover image: Downtown Bratislava. Photo: Marius Roman / Getty Images)