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Index – Abroad – Should an employee be vaccinated?

Gergely Gulyás, Minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s Office for Government Information AnnouncedEmployers may mandate two vaccines from the corona virus vaccine. Workers who are not vaccinated despite being forced may be sent on unpaid leave, but may be fired after one year. About that Regulation Has already appeared.

Half a year ago, in early April, the Prime Minister turned down the offer. “We don’t live in a dictatorship,” said Victor Orban, who said the Hungarians were sensitive to their freedom.

In my opinion, in Hungary, mandatory vaccination against the virus is not possible for adults. I can only imagine this situation when compulsory vaccinations had to be given in childhood. But to prescribe a mandatory vaccine for adults in cases of corona virus, I do not think it will work in Hungary

Said On Mosquito Radio.

Incidentally, the Ministry of Defense has already acted after last week’s announcement: Made it mandatory Vaccine against corona virus. Army personnel who have not yet been vaccinated should take the first dose by December 1st. If this fails, the employer may order unpaid leave and, if not yet vaccinated within one year, terminate his or her employment immediately by dismissal or dismissal. However, the Independent Police Organization says the government is doing just that The gate opens Before those who wanted to remove it so far, but could not do it due to urgency. Many in July They have made a decision In addition, the number of specialists working there made vaccination mandatory.

In Hungary – And in most European countries – employers cannot force their employees to be vaccinated or impose sanctions if they do not get vaccinated, ”wrote experts at the Taylor Wesing law firm in Budapest in March.

However, in Hungary, employers can legally subject workers to corona virus testing if they are tested when entering the workplace, do not require identification, and do not store data (without the explicit consent of workers). ) Workers who are unable to work remotely and refuse screening may consult with their employer and take paid leave, otherwise they are not entitled to pay.

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European practice

In the Czech Republic – Back in the spring – Every company with at least 50 employees should test its employees. Those who refuse to take the exam may be barred from entering the workplace with a pay waiver.

In the April judgment of the European Court of Human Rights He refused The actions of many Czech parents turned to the Strasbourg Board because the authorities fined them for refusing to vaccinate their children and the kindergartens refused to allow their children.

The court ruled that there were no human rights violations because “compulsory vaccinations are necessary for the functioning of a democratic society.”

However, according to local experts of Taylor Wesing In Slovakia And in the Czech Republic, employers can not force anyone to provide the vaccine because there is no legal basis for the obligation. In Poland Vaccination is also voluntary and can be promoted by the employer but not by the administration.

Next door In Austria The employer may also prescribe, but vaccination is not mandatory. However, you may refuse to allow unvaccinated workers to enter the workplace and, in some cases, relocate them – with full pay.

In Germany Employers were warned by local labor lawyers. There, even when prescribing the vaccine, care must be taken not to put pressure on workers. The only tool employers have is to give vaccinated workers the opportunity to return home from work sooner than those who have not been vaccinated.

However, the sharp increase in the number of epidemics in the Delta and the slowdown in vaccine administration have prompted governments to use all possible means. Take it To control infection.

In the UK Vaccination is mandatory for domestic workers from October. Nightclubs and other high-traffic areas can only be visited with full security from the end of September.

In the Netherlands From September 14, the same procedure: you can only go to a cafe, restaurant, club or cultural event with a safety certificate.

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In Switzerland The regulation was introduced a day earlier, on September 13th.

In France By September 15, all health workers, caregivers, home nurses and emergency personnel must have at least the first Govt-19 vaccine. The next day, the cabinet announced that about 3,000 workers had been suspended for failing to meet the requirements for compulsory corona virus vaccination.

The Italian government From October 15 All It was mandatory for the worker to prove that he was recovering from a vaccine or a negative test or infection. Without it, the employee will be suspended without pay, but will not be fired.

Greece Vaccination was mandatory for nursing home staff on July 12 and for health workers from September.

Malta Unauthorized tourists have been banned from entering the country since July 14.

A Moscow authorities On June 16, an employee in contact with the public was ordered to be vaccinated. Companies are given at least 60 percent of employees a month to get their first dose, otherwise they will be fined or temporarily shut down.

Turkey September ordered teachers to be vaccinated before the start of the school year.

Are even tougher abroad

The In the United States On Sept. 10, President Joe Biden ordered all federal employees and contractors affiliated with the state to be vaccinated. Employers with more than a hundred employees must vaccinate or test employees weekly by December 8th. This restriction affects 100 million people and two-thirds of the workforce.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has announced that he will file a lawsuit against the Biden government over its mandate to impose a vaccination duty on federal contractors.

Members of the U.S. Navy received it in October Final warning: Active employees must be fully secured by November 28 and those who book after one month must be secured by December 28. Otherwise, they will have to leave the herd bond.

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In Canada Unvaccinated federal employees who are required to declare their vaccine status by the end of October are being sent on unpaid leave.

A Costa Rican officials On September 28, it was announced that all government employees would be vaccinated against the corona virus. It was also one of the first Latin American countries to order a compulsory vaccine.

In Australia Vaccinations were made mandatory at the end of June for those working in high-risk elderly care.

On August 15, “No vaccine, no workOrder a Fiji, Unvaccinated government employees should go on leave. Those who do not get vaccinated by November will be fired.

In the world’s fourth most populous country, In Indonesia Vaccinations were made mandatory in February. Violation of the order will result in a fine of Rs. A fine of up to 5 million (HUF 110,000) may be imposed.

In Kazakhstan Vaccination or weekly testing is mandatory in places where more than twenty people work in the same place.

In Lebanon You can only go to restaurants, cafes, pubs and beaches with a safety certificate. Non-vaccinated facility staff should have a PCR test every 72 hours.

Small South Pacific island country Federal States of Micronesia It ordered that all adults, i.e. those over 18 years of age, be vaccinated against the corona virus.

Saudi Arabia In May, compulsory vaccination was required for all public and private sector employees without a vaccination deadline. However, since August 1, non-vaccinated people have been barred from entering public, private and educational institutions and using public transportation.

In Sri Lanka From September 15, it was announced on August 13 that citizens would not be able to travel between provinces or stay in public places without a security card.

In Turkmenistan Vaccination is mandatory for everyone over 18 years of age.

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