December 8, 2022

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Index – Abroad – Russia’s war in Ukraine – Wednesday’s news bulletin

U.S. President Joe Biden has said that temporary pits will be built along the Ukrainian border, including Poland, to help export more grain from the war-torn country.

Biden spoke at the Philadelphia Trade Union Congress on Tuesday:

“I have been working closely with our European partners to bring to market 20 million tons of sealed grain in Ukraine, thus reducing food prices.”

The United States is involved in trying to send grain from Ukraine

– Biden said, then Ukrainian railways are different from other European countries, so the grain must be loaded across the border to other trains.

Grains from these Ukrainian train cars can be transferred to new pits, and then to European freight wagons that can be diverted to the other side of the world.

But that will take time

He added.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the siege of the Black Sea ports, grain exports have stalled and more than 20 million tons have been trapped in pits. The sea tunnels thrown by Russia are still stranded in Ukrainian ports with 84 foreign ships, many of which carry grain cargo.

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