June 3, 2023

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Index – Abroad – Russia’s War in Ukraine – Index’s Wednesday News Brief

The analysis highlights that the West’s robust response to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine stands in stark contrast to the failure to take meaningful action against egregious violations by some of its allies, including Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Women’s rights and freedom of expression are at risk when states fail to protect and respect domestic rights

Organization said.

As the Universal Declaration of Human Rights turns 75, Amnesty International asserts that “a rules-based international system is based on human rights and applies to everyone, everywhere and for everyone”.

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022 unleashed multiple war crimes, fueled a global energy and food crisis, and sought to further destabilize the fragile multilateral system.

At the same time, it exposed the hypocrisy of the West, which reacted harshly to the Kremlin’s aggression but condoned or complicit in serious violations elsewhere.

he said Amnesty InternationalWhen it launched its annual assessment of the world’s human rights.

Amnesty International’s 2022/23 report: The state of human rights in the world found that double standards and inadequate responses to human rights abuses around the world fueled instability, including Saudi Arabia’s silence on human rights and Egypt’s inaction and denial. To confront the Israeli apartheid regime against the Palestinians.

The report highlights China’s harsh tactics to stifle international action against its crimes against humanity, and the inability of global and regional institutions to respond to self-interested conflicts that have claimed thousands of lives, including in Ethiopia. their members. , in Myanmar and Yemen.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a chilling example of what happens when countries believe they can violate international law and violate human rights with impunity.

Amnesty International Secretary General Agnes Callamard said.

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“The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was created 75 years ago from the ashes of World War II. At its core is the universal recognition that all human beings have rights and fundamental freedoms. When global power dynamics are in turmoil, human rights cannot be lost in the struggle. Rights must guide the world as it navigates an increasingly volatile and dangerous environment. We can’t wait for the world to burn again,” they wrote.