March 23, 2023

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Index – Abroad – Russia’s War in Ukraine – Index’s Saturday News Brief

Russian state media reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin has visited Crimea to mark the ninth anniversary of the peninsula’s annexation from Ukraine.

The Crimean peninsula was occupied by Russia after the 2014 Ukrainian revolution. In the spring of 2014, a controversial legalization referendum was held in the region, in which, according to the referendum organizers, the participation rate was very high, and the majority of participants took a position in favor of joining. Territory to Russia. However, most of the world condemned the merger as illegal.

Despite Volodymyr Zelensky’s calls for Russian troops to withdraw from the peninsula, Vladimir Putin has refused to relinquish his right to control the region. On the contrary, in his speeches, he usually emphasizes the importance of keeping Crimea.

As we reported, Crimea’s pro-Russian governor Sergei Aksyonov said in a previous TV show that President Volodymyr Zelensky was creating false dreams among the Ukrainian people because, according to Aksyonov, Ukraine had no chance of recapturing Crimea. Infrastructure is built on the peninsula. The head of the region said that the Ukrainian head of state is deceiving his compatriots.

Regardless of what Ukraine’s leaders say in the press, they also know that Crimea cannot be reclaimed under any circumstances, based on actions taken at the behest of the Russian president.

Akjonov quoted Toss news agency. He also spoke that the competent authorities of the peninsula have proposed many measures related to safety and security and many projects have already been implemented. He said, “In this regard, Crimea is not in danger, and Crimeans can remain calm.”

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It was his first time in a war zone

Since the start of the war, the Russian president has never directly visited the war-torn region. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has promised several times over the past year that Vladimir Putin will visit the Donbass, but no specific date has been set since then.

Since the beginning of the invasion, the Ukrainians have already carried out strikes on the Crimean peninsula (they were certainly behind a sabotage operation on a military base), and in February it was said that they would soon receive missiles that could reach Crimea. Peninsula. Last autumn’s bombing of the Kerch bridge on the Crimean peninsula is worth remembering – in the latter case it is still unclear who was behind it.

The fact that Putin has yet to visit war zones was noted by Russian war bloggers already when US President Joe Biden visited Kiev a month ago. One of them wrote that one of the “two grandfathers” (Biden and Putin) is battling illnesses and “the whole world is laughing at him,” while the other “gives the impression of a strong and courageous leader.” “In comparison, one of the leaders moved to Kiev. The other, on the other hand, has yet to set foot in Donetsk,” a pro-Putin blogger wrote at the time.