September 29, 2023

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Index – Abroad – Russia’s War in Ukraine – Index’s Monday News Brief

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict appears to be escalating. Russia’s navy has put Ukraine’s Black Sea coast under a naval blockade since July 20, and following Moscow’s warning that they may close the Black Sea’s southeastern coast, Georgia writes, which are transit stations for aid and energy exports to Ukraine.

With this move, the warring parties also included Georgia in the war.

Russia’s main goal with the blockade is to block the delivery of grain to Ukrainian ports and prevent aid ships from reaching Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the termination of the Russian-Turkish-Ukrainian grain supply agreement. The reason is that the West has not fulfilled its role in relation to Russian grain exports and its settlement.

Grain exports may be disrupted

Ukraine’s response to the Russian blockade is another blockade, which includes the part of the Crimean peninsula that touches Novorossiysk. By this, however, he cuts off the possibilities of sea transport, and is therefore obliged to use the possibilities of land which Hungary, Poland, and Rumania offer him.

Presumably, recalling the events of the past, this move will disrupt price conditions in the domestic agricultural market, as the marketing of cereal crops risks being trapped in one of the transit countries.

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