February 3, 2023

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Index – Abroad – Russia’s War in Ukraine – Index Sunday News Summary

The head of the intelligence directorate, Kylo Budanov, writes that Denis Griev, an officer of military intelligence who was called a traitor by the security service (Ukrainian counterintelligence, SZBU), was killed in an SZBU car. Ukrainian Pravda.

Budanov said in an interview with Svoboda radio

As head of intelligence, I’m pretty sure Grave who worked for us was not a Russian spy. I understand that Griev died in an SBU car when an operation was carried out against him. This fact is recorded in the investigative materials. All others are being investigated by the State Bureau of Investigation. I am not authorized to comment on this information. However, it is true that he was killed in this car by SZBU agents.

Butanov said he did not expect such a move by the SZBU against a full-time intelligence officer. He said he had discussed Kireyev with Ivan Bakanov, head of the SBU at the time, and that he “couldn’t really give an explanation.”

I believe this matter is very profound. However, I will keep my opinion to myself. We value only facts

– he said.

Thanks to Gray, the Russians were unable to capture Kiev

Denis Grave, a Ukrainian politician and banker who was later killed, warned Ukrainian intelligence about Russian war plans before the invasion began.

At the beginning of the war, Grave was also a member of the Ukrainian Peace Committee, but also the Ukrainian Secret Service Disbanded in early March. Kireyev, as it turned out later, was a double agent and died when he was captured (on suspicion of being a Russian spy). More recently, Ukrainian intelligence has already referred to him as a heroic death. It changedHe had a good relationship with the Russian top management, thanks to which he also saw the invasion plans.

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Now The Wall Street Journal Provided more information about it, what was the role of the Ukrainian politician in the pre-war days. Kryev warned that Putin had given the order to launch the invasion on February 23, a day before the start of the war, Kirill Budanov, the head of Ukrainian military intelligence, told the newspaper.

According to Butano, the information they received from Kiryev allowed them to begin redeploying their forces a few hours before the invasion began, allowing them to defend themselves at critical points. Thanks to this, among other things, they were able to prevent the implementation of the Russian Blitzkrieg plan and the occupation of Kiev by the Russians.