June 26, 2022

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Index – Abroad – Russian eves block the flow of poisons in Sajo

As it is Index on-site report Report, aThe concentration of arsenic in the effluent from the Gabriella Reservoir at the Ciderite iron ore mine in Alsosazo, which closed in 2008, is four hundred times higher than the European limit, but even more than two hundred times that of the semi-strict Slovakia. The environmental catastrophe is spectacular, with twenty kilometers of wildlife extinct when Slovak authorities are idle.

In fact, Russia’s representative in Nitra County is fighting the windmill to prevent an environmental catastrophe because the owner of the state – owned, long – closed mine – Slovak State – has done nothing yet, pointing to two competent ministries, industry and the environment.

About a month ago, in front of the Ministry of Nature building in Bratislava, the Russian Ors poured a thousand liters of red chajo water with his comrades as part of an amazingly impressive performance. The other day, rsék was active again, now a third.

The MP and his colleagues filled the mine entrance and blocked the sewer. On the ninety-fourth day of the Sajo disaster, which began on February 24, Dr. Dipor Varga, a doctor from Krasnahorka, and Bethlehem activist John Korba were detained for half an hour. It landed in the Sajo River.

There is nothing to wait for, you just need to start installing the filter equipment. Based on the known mix of water flow and sewage, so far 3.4 thousand tons of sulfate, 385 tons of iron, 156 tons of zinc, 46 tons of manganese and half a ton of arsenic have entered the river. D.The irresponsible attitude and inaction of the state is astonishing because the work process that started the day before our action cannot prevent pollution and it will mitigate it. 94 days is not enough to declare a state of emergency!

Russian said our index.

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There are three enthusiasts in the video Jabili St Nasu Riku He wears an inscription on his shirt, which means you killed our river. If one and a half million liters of toxic sewage goes to Sajo every day it would not be superfluous!

The footage shows சிறியrsék blocking the exit by sandbags, to show just how small the amount was enough to prevent the disaster. Unfortunately, an hour later, the sewage broke the temporary barrier, and five hundred yards below, Chajo was already as red as before.

As it is now, the sewage was blocked for a while, but this performance was enough to draw Örsék’s attention back to the severity of the natural disaster.

(Cover image: Tamás Kaszás / Index)