March 25, 2023

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Index – Abroad – Rumor has it that Emmanuel Macron’s wife was born a man and has just reopened

Le Monde reports that rumors about the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron have been circulating in the French press. Brigitte Macron is expected to prosecute those who distributed fake news. According to the “investigation” package of the far-right newspaper Faits et Documents, 68-year-old Brigitte Macron was born Jean-Michel Trogneux and later changed gender and name. Following this article, information began to spread on social media.

Liberation found that a three-year fake investigation by an internet journalist from far-right and conspiracy theorist Natasha Ray on behalf of Fights et Documents was behind the false news. But the biggest part of spreading fake news was the nearly four-hour interview with Natasha Ray, which was uploaded to YouTube on December 10 and reached about 470,000 views before being canceled. In the days of fake news, it was one of the most popular topics on Twitter and was included in many magazine articles.

Le Monde expressed concern that the French election campaign would be rough and similar to the tone of the US presidential election campaign. The newspaper recalled that in 2016, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was accused of being involved in a pedophile network in Pizzeria, Washington, and in 2020, rumors spread about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. In the media for “misconduct”. ”With older girls.

Marianne’s Paris magazine interviewed Tristan Mendes, a communications expert on extremism and extremist communities, who was a sorority educator who spoke about the Americanization of French politics. She is the wife of former US President Barack Obama For example Rumor has it that Michelle Obama was also born a man. Le Figaro has been told that the French first lady is considering a lawsuit against her.

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