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Index – Abroad – Putin’s phone conversation leaked, he lied to Macron

The two leaders spoke by phone on February 20, when the Russians had already decided to invade Ukraine. A transcript of the conversation was recently released In the French press.

That’s what happened before and after

Prior to the investigation, US intelligence released a statement last December stating that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could begin in early 2022. Tensions then escalated and separatists clashed several times with the Ukrainian military in Donbass, while the Russian government demanded security policy guarantees from the West. Two days before the talks, on February 18, Donbass separatists carried out a mass exodus claiming that Ukraine was already preparing to attack them.

One day after the trial, the Russians recognized the two divided republics as independent nations, following which the invasion began at dawn on February 24.

At the beginning of a telephone conversation on February 20, the French president asked what could be done to alleviate the tension, to which Vladimir Putin responded: German Chancellors Macron and Olaf Scholes had previously told him that they were ready to implement the Minsk agreement. But the President of Ukraine did nothing.

In fact, our dear colleague Mr. Zhelensky did nothing. He is lying to you

– Russian President says (agrees with Putin two days later) He has already spoken publicly about Ukraine killing the Minsk deal)

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin put the unspoken words of the presidents of Ukraine and France. Macron also denied the allegations, after which the contents of the agreement were discussed with the Russian president.

I do not know where your lawyer studied law, what kind of lawyer can imagine separatist groups making laws in a sovereign country instead of democratically elected officials.

– The French president has said Zelensky was personally responsible for the “bloodshed” against dissidents in response to Vladimir Putin’s rejection of the Ukrainian government’s democratic election.

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Nervous fight

The two leaders were already talking in an angry tone. Macron finally spoke to Zhelensky and asked him to sit down immediately the next day if he had to do anything with Vladimir Putin and Donbass leaders to negotiate with the separatists based on what was written in the Minsk agreement. However, the Russian president avoided the answer, and more

In essence, the French president said he could not force the Ukrainians to negotiate.

Macron also asked Putin about the state of pre-war Russian military training, which the Russian president said was “going according to plan” and “will end tonight” (in fact, in the next few days, the offensive on Ukraine was finally launched, with Russian troops stationed on the border).

French President Vladimir Putin has suggested that he meet with US President Joe Biden (last summer) in Geneva. A meeting like that has already taken place, But then the title of war was not on the agenda). Putin was willing to do so, but only if the situation between the separatists and the Ukrainian government is resolved. This part of the conversation is interesting It was later released by the French presidency with that pulseThat the US and Russian presidents could meet before the Kremlin responds is too soon to talk about it.

There may be more surprises

Macron then, based on the conversation, suggested that the bilateral presidential panel create a joint press release based on what had been said and that it would be made public. Vladimir Putin responded:

I tell the truth, I want to go ice hockey now because I’re talking to you from the locker room and now training begins. I need to call my advisors first.

The only thing the French president could say was thank you for the conversation and stay in touch.

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In addition to the publication of the above conversation, a documentary on how the French President discussed with his allies in recent months will be shown on Thursday in France 2. More details about his other talks with Putin will be released.

(Cover: Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron on January 19, 2020. Photo: Emmanuel Contini / Getty Images)