September 29, 2023

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Index – Abroad – Prince Andrew reaches out of court in sexual harassment case

The parties agreed that the prince had made a “substantial” donation to the victims’ relief organization affiliated with Virginia Gueffrey, writes David Boyce, Virginia Gueffrey’s lawyer, in a court order. It is not yet clear exactly how much he pays.

Virginia Cufrey has been charged with three counts of sexual harassment by the prince when he was a minor and 17 years old. The prince denied the allegation.

However, due to corruption, Prince A. Lost his royal duties and military positions, Almost everyone inside and outside the British royal family was away from him.

Recently, the prince may try to launch a counter-attack and prove he is the culprit. He treated women so he was not trustworthy. The preliminary hearing for the prince’s trial is set for March 10, when Andrew will testify.

The court document on the settlement now states that Prince Andrew “never intended to harm Virginia Gueffrey” and that the prince had admitted that the woman had been abused and had been publicly abused.

The document states that the prince “deeply regrets” his cooperation with Jeffrey Epstein and, as a token, donated a substantial sum of money to the Society for the Fighting of the Sex Trade and Helping Victims. Prince Andrew acknowledged the courage of Virginia Cufre and other victims and said he was “brave enough to stand up for himself and others.”

Virginia Giuffre previously had a $ 5 million deal with Jeffrey Epstein. Such a deal.

Prince’s legal representatives told the BBC he thought the matter was over and did not want to comment further. Meanwhile, David Boys, a lawyer for Virginia Quefre, told PA News that he believes the deal speaks for itself.

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In this article, sexual abuse is a criminal topic. Also read our article about this!

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