September 29, 2023

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Index – Abroad – Marx and Lenin were also present at Engels’ wedding in India

A strange wedding took place earlier this month in Kerala, India’s most populous state, according to a local news portal. Reported. Marx, Lenin and Ho Chi Minh City appeared at the ceremony, but not a German, Russian or Vietnamese citizen. They all belonged to the local Communist Party and they celebrated the reunion of their comrades at the local trendy hotel. To be precise, Lenin and Engels were brothers, while Marx and Ho Chi Minh were children of the Communist Party. They were all active members of the Communist Party of India, although Marx flew home from Dubai in the super-capitalist Gulf only for marriage, where he is believed to have worked.

A Brief History of the Communist Party of India

This may seem strange to us today, but in India, the Communist Party has been a dominant political factor at the local level for about sixty years. Although they were not really involved in big politics – even though they almost gave up the PM in 1996, they eventually chose the role of opposition, which is considered a political mistake.

The oldest is the Communist Party of India, which was founded almost a hundred years ago.

After India became independent, its share really grew over time It split in two, and then more and more smaller left-wing parties emerged from it. One of the biggest discriminations took place in the 1960s, when there was a sharp international conflict between the Soviet and Chinese Communists. The group of thirty then split and formed the Marxist Communist Party.

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Later, further discrimination wiped out the communist movement in India, and radical left-Maoist tendencies grew along existing Marxist-Leninist lines. In the end, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) benefited Because from this situation

In 1977 it had one lakh members, but in 2018 it had more than one million followers.

The federal state of West Bengal was effectively ruled by the Marxist Communist Party of India for 34 years from 1977 to 2011, even as Prime Minister. Also in the state of Tripura, he dominated domestic political life for 25 years and was the Prime Minister who ruled the Communist Party four times in Kerala. The head of state of Tamil Nadu is currently running the country as KM Stalin, whose father decided to put his name on the death of the Soviet dictator.

But you can still find naughty names in this South Indian state. As India was more attracted to the Soviet Union than Beijing and Washington during the Cold War, the popularity of left-wing parties is still intense, especially in the South.

A local communist leader in Tamil Nadu is proud to say so Al Jazeera His first son was born during the breakup of the Soviet Union, but he believed that communism could not pass, so he chose the name Communism as his son. The second and third boys are called Leninism and Socialism, respectively. He acknowledged that there were problems with the names of the children, but said that they did not have such a name because they did not want to allow the communists to enter the local children’s hospital. He is glad that all three of them are already in their twenties and belong to the local communist base. Leninism named its son Karl Marx.

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The well-known scythe-hammer symbols of communism can be found in many places in these states. It is not uncommon for dedicated party members to choose a name for their child, choosing a name like Czechoslovakia, Trotsky, Vietnam, Moscow or sometimes Pravda, a former Communist Party newspaper.

(Cover photo: Friedrich Engels and his bride & Marx, Lenin and Ho Chi Minh at their wedding in Southwest Kerala on November 14, 2021. Photo: Viju Vazhagalla / AFP)