June 6, 2023

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Index – Abroad – Kiev has asked for weapons, but Berlin refuses to supply them

At their joint conference, Dimitro Guleba said:

We discussed the transfer of arms from Germany to Ukraine. I explained the arguments and position of the Ukrainian side. At the same time, I want the efforts made in the Normandy format to work the diplomatic path to bear fruit.

Negotiations, also known as Normandy, were initiated for a peaceful solution to the armed conflict in the Donetsk Basin with the participation of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France. The head of the Ukrainian ministry stressed that Kiev knew where and what weapons could be obtained. “We know very well how to use them to protect our area,” he added.

Annalena Barbach said there was no change in the German government’s position on supplying arms to Ukraine. “Two weeks ago, a few months ago, I said the same thing. The German government’s position on arms exports is well known, ”he said.

Berbaugh spoke with US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen in Washington a few days ago, explaining that Berlin – unlike Washington – did not want to supply arms to Kiev. This is one of the differences between the German Secretary of State and the US diplomat in resolving tensions around Ukraine.

At a press conference in Kiev, Annalena Berbach recalled Germany’s support for Ukraine in many areas, stressing that Berlin would do everything in its power to use all possible diplomatic means to prevent the Ukraine-Russia crisis from deepening. The Jevropejszka Pravda The news portal on Monday recalled that before the German foreign minister’s visit to Ukraine, Ukrainian Ambassador to Berlin Andrij Melnik called on Berlin to reconsider its position on arms exports to Ukraine.

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A Picture According to the German newspaper

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel has personally blocked the transfer of NATO weapons to Ukraine.

According to press reports, Ukraine has already paid for two arms exports through NATO’s special agency (NSPA) in early 2021: 90 Barrett M82 large-scale sniper rifles to be delivered by the United States and 20 EDM4S anti-personnel organizations from Lithuania. In May, however, German and Dutch representatives of the NSPA Council protested the sale of arms to Ukraine.