June 2, 2023

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Index – Abroad – Jeans are comfortable, but not diplomatic

In short, Montenegrin’s Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapić, who is on his first official visit to Serbia, was greeted by Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture Branislav Nedimović without wearing jeans while paying state tribute at the Belgrade airport. .

The guest said before departure that the visit to Belgrade would take place in the sense of good neighborly relations and our common European perspective.

Normal“Expected with appearances – the Belgrade press reported on the reception, while the crowd provoked a sharp reaction in Montenegro. He was greeted as befits,” protesters said.

Others believed that a farmer’s welcome signified the government of the host country How do you think Montenegro and its Prime Minister. However, according to the Social Democrats, this is a classic insult not only to the head of government, but also to the state he represents.

Looking back, the Serbian Prime Minister also admitted the mistake.

“During the diplomatic visit he violated the” dress code “, but without any intent” – He said It is well known that the Minister of Agriculture handles most of the events loosely, according to Ana Branabik, who works under him. He said the importance of the visit was evidenced by the manner in which the Serbian head of state hosted the guest.

Blue jeans on the red carpet

The first person to wear jeans at an official reception was not a Serbian politician. Sergei Lavrov is immortalized many times in light costume.

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A “Awesome talent“The Russian foreign minister is implicitly tactful and experienced enough that he should not wear jeans with the appropriately named Mongolian honor, but should wear a tinsel uniform to match Genghis Khan’s name at the Ulaanbaatar airport.” Wrote In connection with the visit of Diplomat Sergei Lavrov in April 2016.

Nonetheless, he stepped out of the comfortable state machine he was wearing with jeans, through which he immediately tapped the fuse.

Political commentator B. Cogtgerel and a state party politician summed up the current mood:

Wearing clothing that is worn while plumbing at home is, in a word, tantamount to insult. Lavro’s jeans became an expression of Mongolian international prestige.

Lavrov then tried to repair the damage. He appeared to the Mongolian president with impeccable elegance, with whom he ceremoniously sniffed tobacco in the name of cultural sensibility. However, this did not help much in restoring the power of the Foreign Minister. Although the visit may have been a major impetus for the deepening of Russian-Mongolian relations, the Mongolian public later recalled and was not concerned. At least only the mouth was bitter.

Two years later, in 2018, Lavrov moved to Ethiopia.

They wrote on Twitter that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrived in Ethiopia today wearing blue jeans.

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How to explain this? Asked the question.

A) A shoulder treatment?

B) Contempt? Disrespect to your hosts?

c) What is the shadowy style difference between him and other foreign leaders?

D) None of the above.

Israeli ambassadors wearing jeans

Israeli diplomats – in 2010 – demonstrated with jeans and sandals demanding that their salaries be adjusted with the salaries of members of Israeli intelligence working abroad. With the same amount of work, spies earned twice as much as diplomats.

The latter’s union called on embassy staff in Washington not to wave their fingers or make any preparations for Benjamin Netanyahu’s then-prime minister to visit in July. Reported A BBC.

The debate in the sixth month was already in full swing and became more and more open and spectacular. That is, many employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs abandoned the usual dress code of the suit-tie and went to work in jeans and sandals.

Partial opposition to the protocol sector, which has red-carpeted foreign dignitaries, persisted. Thus, without the traditional ceremony, it was forced to welcome the visiting Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

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