September 29, 2023

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Index – Abroad – Foreign News Summary of Corona Virus – Index Friday!

The duty to test for corona virus before leaving the UK for abroad was lifted on Friday, and there is no need to wait in solitude for the results of the post-arrival test.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Transport Minister Grant Shops have announced new rules that will take effect from 4am British time to 5am Central European time. The island government simplifies the test requirements for travel in two steps: the obligation to perform the PCR test upon arrival in the UK will be waived on Sunday, and the lateral flow test will be adequate from then until the end of the second day after arrival. . Relaxation applies to adults who have been fully vaccinated against the corona virus, and to those under 18 years of age, regardless of vaccination status.

The move has been extended to the UK as well as other UK countries such as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – local governments must decide whether to follow the changes announced by the UK government.

Under the terms and conditions, the UK Public Health Service (NHS) free testing service cannot be used to perform a quick test upon arrival in the UK, meaning that quick tests must be ordered from private healthcare providers.

If the quick test after coming to the UK is positive, you should be isolated and have a PCR test, but the NHS’s free testing service is now available.

The Secretary of State for Transport has announced that the UK Government will fully review travel arrangements by the end of January and set up a standard regulatory body throughout 2022. Grand Shaps has not yet explained the details of this.

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Under current regulations, entrants to the UK must undergo a PCR or Rapid test 48 hours prior to departure, and the result of an isolated PCR test upon arrival is mandatory. Of these, the pre-departure test duty was removed from Friday morning and there was no need to remain in isolation until another test result was received upon arrival. However, those who travel to the UK before Sunday will have to undergo PCR screening, and a very cheap quick test that shows results in a few minutes will suffice from Sunday morning. The date of the quick test must also be recorded before departure.

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