January 28, 2023

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He was buried with a ceremony worthy of Pope XVI. Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni has announced that Pope Benedict has retired. “It’s an emeritus, meaning retired, pope who changes the ceremony to the point where there’s a vacancy, and the current pope leads the liturgy,” our Vatican expert Mark Erzeki explained to the Aural Index.

The Compared to the traditional ceremony Minor changes will be made, for example, because Pope Francis will remain in office, the conclave’s prayers for the appointment of a successor will be omitted.

The burial of popes has a century-old rite, which in its present form still dates back to II. It was adopted during the reign of Pope John Paul II. XVI. Benedek resigned from his papacy in 2013, but the order of sacraments valid for popes still applies in his case. “True, according to Vatican officials close to him, he preferred a modest funeral. The current organizing principle is to find a balance between tradition and simplicity for the papal funeral. The papal funeral book covers several stages, the confirmation of the pope’s death, the first and then the second burial, the liturgy, which is the papal funeral. Based on the mass, then burial, burial in St. Peter’s Basilica” – the theologian explained to our daily .

For three days, people can show their kindness in XVI. Before the funeral of Benedek, known as Joseph Ratzinger, in St. Peter’s Basilica. Our expert said that the open funeral – the dead Pope rests in a coffin – XII. A tradition rooted in the 19th century, it is used for a dignified farewell in the presence of the corpse, as well as for the Church and the people to face the fact that the Pope has indeed passed away, and how this handover of ecclesiastical authority begins. Wednesday evening, prior to the funeral In a cypress coffin placed Body of the Pope EmeritusIt was ceremonially laid on a Persian carpet to the front of the cathedral on Thursday morning by papal chair bearers and cediaries in gray jackets. , in front of the open-air altar set up there.

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“Since the health of the 86-year-old Pope Francis has recently weakened, he gives the homily and the final prayer, he is blessed with holy water, and he (reverently) burns the incense, but the funeral itself. Not he, but the College of Cardinals is celebrated by its president, Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re.” In the first part of the Mass, Pope Francis sits in front of the altar, in the second part on a side throne. The so-called General Prayers are in five languages: German, Italian, French, Portuguese and Arabic – this was still in the 16th century. Benedict introduced us to the working languages ​​of the Vatican – the papal liturgy itself. It takes place in its official language, Latin,” explained Aral Marc Ercegi.

After the funeral procession, he will be taken to the chapel of St. Peter’s Basilica, after which the cypress wood coffin with his name and tenure will be placed in a zinc (formerly heavy lead) coffin, which will then be placed. The third is an oak coffin, which is tied with a silk ribbon and sealed by the secretary of the basilica chapter. Finally, it is placed in its final resting place, covered by a block of marble.

The canon lawyer also spoke of the fact that for centuries the mourning ceremony had been held inside the cathedral. to XXIII. Until Janos’s funeral in the 1960s, the dead pope lay in repose in a large, multi-story mortuary.