February 3, 2023

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Index – Abroad – Flooding at Portuguese airports

Disaster management chief Andre Fernandez explained that heavy rain in the Lisbon area early Thursday resulted in minor flooding in many parts of the capital.

As a result of the flooding, parked cars were significantly damaged, and many train stations, tunnels and streets in the capital had to be closed.

Casualty is Euronews According to a 55-year-old woman in a basement, there was no time to escape the intruding water.

Due to flooding, 27 people have been temporarily evacuated while damage assessment is underway. Wherever possible, the mud accumulated on the streets was removed.

In the Portuguese capital, construction of underground pipes for rainwater caused by extreme weather events could begin next year.

According to Lisbon’s mayor, Carlos Moidas, the current severe flooding “shows well Global climate change “Problems and dangers arise

At the same time, the government warned residents of the Portuguese capital to be careful as strong winds are expected in the Lisbon area from Thursday evening.

I request everyone to behave responsibly. It is very important to respect the recommendations of the authorities

– Portuguese Interior Minister Jose Luis Carneiro emphasized.

Footage from the capital’s airport shows vehicles swimming in rainwater.