June 2, 2023

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Index – Abroad – Fire at Mariupol nuclear power plant on the verge of surrender – Events of the Russian-Ukrainian war on Friday

If a nuclear power plant catches fire, it could be a nuclear disaster

A building at the Zaporizhia power plant caught fire as a result of Friday morning fighting. According to the Ukrainian side The fire caused many casualties. Even in the daytime area The fight continuedIt has since been revealed that there was no damage to the reactors of the nuclear power plant. He did not fall for it – At least according to the US ambassador.

Commenting on the incident, a British Admiral said he would not have thought so. The Russians are doing “so much nonsense”That is, the cannons are parked near the nuclear power plant. Russia, meanwhile, says it had occupied the facility on February 28 and is no longer the cause of the fire, and that Ukrainian saboteurs have taken action against them.

Like Mario on the verge of surrender, the siege of Kiev was inevitable

Based on the developments on Friday, the city of Mariupol on the Black Sea coast seems to be on the verge of surrendering with a population of 400,000. City Mayor He wrote in a statementThe Ukrainian army must save them because the bombings have already shut down utilities and food is scarce. If Mariupol falls, it will be the largest city to fall into the hands of Russia until then. If the city is occupied, the Russians could gain land contact with Crimea, as well as travel with greater force into the interior of Ukraine.

Already the Russian army He also entered the city of MykoliveThe way is open The city of Herson fell on Thursday. The city and its environs were involved in a confrontation between the two forces The city was occupied by the airport. Meanwhile, CNN has already learned at Hersonisos Women are raped and killed Russian soldiers, but this information has not yet been confirmed from official sources.

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Russian troops are known to be approaching Kiev more and more from the east. According to a British researcher Sooner or later the siege of the city seems inevitable (This currently prevents entry into major cities in northeastern Ukraine). In addition, there are already chances that the Russians may soon launch an attack on Odessa, the third largest city in Ukraine.

In addition, the Russian army continued to occupy residential areas. Bombing of residential buildings (Although Russian President Vladimir Putin He called the news about it a hoax) The Ukrainian military released more data on Friday How many soldiers and combat equipment have the Russians lost so far?.

Several failed assassinations were carried out against Zhelensky; The President of Ukraine insists on opposition

On Friday, it was revealed that Volodymyr Zhelensky has already become President of Ukraine The Russians tried to kill him three times last week. According to the New York Times, two actions were taken by the Wagner Group, which had previously revealed that it could hire 400 mercenaries to overthrow the Ukrainian president.

Zhelensky did not stand idly by: in his speech he again called on Europe to show solidarity with Ukraine. They show it in the form of marching through the streets.

Get quiet now!

President Vladimir Putin The German Chancellor was informed. The third round of Russian-Ukrainian peace talks is expected to take place this weekend. The Ukrainian side of the Russians said something about this As if they had given up their demandsThe Russian side said the talks were not progressing on merit.

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Thus, the chances of an agreement between the Russians and the Ukrainians are low. However, the good news is that the Pentagon and the Russian Defense Ministry have meanwhile avoided a nuclear war Set up a hotline to do so.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, exclusive interview with experts and report of Lviv

For the Pter Szijjártó code Said: Working to compensate Hungarian companies that have suffered losses due to sanctions imposed on Russia.

Meanwhile, Krisztian Jójárt, a researcher at the National University of Public Administration (NKE), told our portal that after the failure of the Russian lightning war plan, it was possible. Even harder tools will be used In order to break the resistance of the Ukrainians. Peter Dallas, President of the NKE Strategic Security Research Institute And he talked about it on our broadcast See what Vladimir Putin can do about it once the Russians invade Ukraine.

Meanwhile, our correspondent in the city of Lviv in western Ukraine said that the Ukrainians have also strengthened their security in the city. The Russians are preparing for action .

More sanctions, war crimes

Meanwhile, pressure is mounting on Russia to commit war crimes against civilians in Ukraine, in addition to the cluster munitions banned by the International Convention. NATO on FridayAnd The UN Human Rights Council has also condemned it About the Russians for that.

It was also raised that it was anti-Russian They may introduce new barriers In the future. Vladimir Putin With secret threat Western nations should not do that, they said, if they do, these are sanctions They can also benefit Russia. The Russian government then – a semi-replacement – Friday night Access to Facebook is restricted.

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Our article is aired minute by minute on Saturday and minute by minute on Friday. You can see it hereIf he had fallen behind.

(Cover: A man standing in front of a residential building damaged in yesterday’s shooting in Chernivtsi on March 4, 2022. Photo: Dimitar Tilkoff / AFP)