September 27, 2023

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Index – Abroad – Emmanuel Macron calls Boris Johnson a clown

A French newspaper, Le Canard Enchaîné, learned that French President Emmanuel Macron had called British Prime Minister Boris Johnson a “clown” in a closed private meeting.

The French president reportedly complained that Johnson was not working with them to resolve the migration crisis on the English Channel. He is also reported to have been outraged by the British Prime Minister’s earlier statement on Twitter Publish a letter In connection with the case.

Bojo has a big mouth. Everything is going well, we talk to each other seriously and then it pushes us to a difficult position by a bad step. It’s the usual circus

– According to Mr. Le Canard enchaîné, the French President said about the above entry.

At the meeting, Macron wrote that Johnson had personally apologized for wanting to sacrifice France. According to the French newspaper, this is the president’s harshest sentence:

It is sad that such a remarkable country, where they can cooperate in so many things, is ruled by a clown.

Macron also said he thought Johnson was hostile to the French because of the difficulties caused by Brexit. “Brexit is the starting point of Johnson’s circus […] He blames France for the “fuel and food shortages,” he said, adding that the same had been seen before, e.g. Fishing rights In the case of.

Meanwhile, Sylvie Berman, the former British ambassador to France, recently writes that “relations between the British and the French were not so bad after Waterloo.” Defender.

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