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Index – Abroad – Efforts to tackle climate change need to be redoubled, says Joe Biden

6/18/2020 06:20

The U.S. president on Friday called on China and other countries with “significant economies” to redouble their efforts to combat adverse climate change and improve the security of energy supplies. US President Joe Biden has warned that the Russian war against Ukraine has increased the need for urgent action on climate protection.

Joe Biden called on participating countries to accelerate efforts to reduce methane emissions, adopt ambitious goals and work together to clean up international shipping.

The US president called on countries to spend a total of $ 90 billion ($ 3,412 billion) on trading in non-polluting technologies and developing new pesticides that will reduce emissions from agriculture and enhance food security.

Russia’s brutal and unjust attack on the Ukrainian state has provoked a global energy crisis and drastically increased the need for long – term energy security and stability.

Biden told the virtual team.

The US President has called for cooperation in resolving the effects of the war on falling energy and food prices around the world.

The meeting on Friday ahead of the COP27 climate change conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt in November is the largest climate meeting in the world. The White House has announced that Egyptian President Joe Biden and Abdel Fattah S-CC will soon announce a joint effort to tackle climate change in Africa.

Countries covered by MEF account for 80 percent of global economic performance and greenhouse gas emissions.

Twenty-three of the former participants in the conference, including India and Russia, did not attend this time, and were represented by the Climate Commissioner instead of Chinese President Jin Qing, the White House said.

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The UN, which was invited to the meeting. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has launched an attack on the fossil energy sector, accusing the industry of “holding humanity back” and using the same slanderous techniques that existed in the tobacco industry decades ago. Reported.