September 29, 2023

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Index – Abroad – Czech Prime Minister completely unnerved by Viktor Orbán’s speech in Dušvani.

Responding to Viktor Orbán’s speech in Tusnádfürdő on Saturday, Czech Republic Prime Minister Petr Fiala declared that “the Czech Republic is a sovereign country whose government protects its own national interests.” In his speech, the Hungarian Prime Minister said that European federalists had attacked Visegrad Four.

And we can all see the end: the Czechs have basically moved on, Slovakia is reeling, and only the Poles and Hungarians are standing.

The Czech Prime Minister and Interior Minister responded to Viktor Orbán’s words on Saturday evening.

The Czech Republic is a sovereign country, and my government protects our national interests. We decide independently what we support, support or change in the EU

– announced the Czech Prime Minister, whose words were interpreted by government spokesman Vaclav Smolka for journalists, according to the MTI news report.

“Orbán got used to something else because Andrzej Babis depended on him in his European politics. In this sense, his frustration is understandable,” said Petr Fiala, “absurd stigmas certainly do not contribute to the necessary cooperation of Central European countries. Rather, it requires mutual respect”.

“Constructive policy instead of opportunism”

Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Vit Ragusan responded on Twitter to the Hungarian Prime Minister’s words regarding the Czech Republic.

The only change in the Czech Republic’s relationship with the EU is that we have moved from opportunism to a constructive European policy based on common values. It is no longer our position that you give us support, keep your thoughts to yourself

the Czech minister wrote on Twitter.

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Who are the federalists according to Orbán?

“Federalists are trying to oust, they said openly: they wanted a change of government in Hungary, and they used all means of political corruption to fund the opposition parties,” Viktor Orbán said in his speech in Dusvanyosi.

According to the Prime Minister, the EU rejects Christian heritage, carries out population exchange through migration and conducts LGBTQ propaganda.

A federal leadership has been created in the European Union, leading to an irresponsible empire. No matter how much we love Europe, even if it is ours, we do not want everyone to have the same faith or family life, but we insist on preserving our own culture and our own language. It must be protected and we will. We say no to political and financial intimidation

said the Prime Minister.

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