June 2, 2023

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Index – Abroad – Croatia will have water restrictions

Famous Istrian field The city of Pula and the public utility Pula Herculaneia, which maintains public green areas and cleans roads in Pula, will introduce restrictions to regulate water use starting this week.

Beaches are closed to showers

The aim of the above measures is to use water resources more rationally to prevent the depletion of water resources in the wider district of Istria and in the city of Pula. Total Croatia.

When the announcement was made, street cleaning and watering of public green spaces in the center of Pula were carried out without additional security measures.

Parks and plants are watered at night, because plants can use water more optimally, and consumption is significantly lower due to less evaporation and avoiding the harsh summer sun.

In order to take a more proactive role in the wise use of Pula’s water resources, we will start reducing the irrigation of the remaining public green areas outside the center of Pula to reduce total water consumption.

– announced by the city administration.

After the decision of the city of Pula, it will rain on the beaches and swimming pools of Vulcane, Stoja, Mornar, Jelenica and Hydrobasa.

(Cover image: City of Pula in Croatia. Photo: Schellhorn / Ulstein Bild / Getty Images)

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