September 29, 2023

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Index – Abroad – Corona Virus Worldwide – Friday News Summary

In France, Prime Minister Jean Costex announced at a news conference Thursday night that restrictions on the fifth wave of the corona virus outbreak would be phased out. From this day on, wearing an outdoor mask is no longer mandatory and is now mandatory and is no longer mandatory, and the number of cultural and sporting events will be removed. Currently, with the requirement to wear a mask, events up to two thousand people are allowed inside the house, and events up to five thousand people are allowed outside. Nightclubs that closed on December 10th may reopen on February 16th. From the same day, you will again be allowed to dance at concerts, dine in restaurants, and eat and drink in transport vehicles, theaters, theaters and cinemas, MTI writes.

Thanks to the vaccination certificate, most of the restrictions we imposed in February to control the epidemic can be lifted.

Said the Prime Minister. Public places, sports facilities, cultural institutions, theaters, theaters, concert halls, restaurants, hotels, trains, long-distance buses and domestic flights must be vaccinated from the age of 16.

The vaccine certificate replaces the three-dose document proving protection against the virus (vaccination certificate or negative test not exceeding 24 hours), which is valid from August. In the future, a negative test will not be enough to enter public places other than health facilities. The law stipulates the use of a vaccination certificate from the age of 16, as parental consent is not required for vaccination from the age of 16. For 12- to 15-year-olds, proof of protection is sufficient. However, the government allows the introduction of a third dose for 12- to 17-year-olds, but not on a mandatory basis.

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The law passed on Sunday requires the vaccine certificate to be used by the end of July. The Prime Minister pointed out that the deadline could be set if circumstances permit, but did not specify the conditions. The latest figures from the Ministry of Health show that the number of new infections is peaking daily as the epidemic is declining in many areas, including Paris and the surrounding area.